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Monday, January 19, 2009

Top Austrian Rap Album: Chakuza - Unter der Sonne (2008) - 2CD Limited Edition

deutschrap: Juice magazin cover - Ausgabe 06/2008Once upon a time, a young Austrian moved to Berlin, Germany, and sold the masses. His real name is not important because he's generally known as Chakuza, a fine cook, and is signed to Bushido's "indie label" ersguterjunge. Chakuza's latest full-length studio album is called "Unter der Sonne" ("Under the Sun") and is not for you if you DIGG "party rap made for German rap charts". That's due to the fact that Chakuza despises this kind of blatant commercial happy-rappy. When he says "Let's keep it real" he is talking about grimy... "Electro Ghetto Rap"

Chakuza - Unter der Sonne - Limited Edition - 2CD (2008)

1. intro 02:08
2. blind (feat. evelyn) 03:49
3. unter der sonne (feat. bushido) 03:24
4. licht und schatten (feat. nyze) 03:44
5. running man 03:13
6. geht nicht (feat. raf camora) 03:41
7. stahlstadtjunge 03:48
8. lass mich atmen (feat. tarc) 03:36
9. e.r. (feat. bizzy montana) 03:25
10. jackpot (feat. lenny wolf) 03:49
11. ich warte 03:19
12. asozialenslang (feat. summer cem) 03:39
13. was ist passiert? 04:11
14. wir marschieren 04:24
15. krieg im kopf 03:31
16. outro 02:36

1. legenden (feat. sprachtot) 03:54
2. schlag alarm (feat. kay one) 03:40
3. nur wenn ich schlafe 03:30
4. was dann? (feat. d-bo) 03:22
5. m.o.t.u. (feat. presi) 03:41

You could just google the obvious key without the bling-bling (" & [):

Chakuza Unter Sonne .rar

and find this working Rapidshare link (no password!):


Even the lead single, also titled "Unter der Sonne" feat. Bushido

Chakuza - "Unter der Sonne" (2008) - Single

Chakuza feat. Bushido Single feat. Chakuza Instrumentals

1. Unter Der Sonne (Album Version)
2. Unter Der Sonne (Decay Remix)
3. Unter Der Sonne (Chakuza Remix)
4. Unter Der Sonne (Album Instrumental)
5. Unter Der Sonne (Decay Remix)
6. Unter Der Sonne (Chakuza Instrumental)