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Monday, May 18, 2009

June 2009: Juice Magazine Cover

German Juice magazine - 06/2009 - Rick Ross

Feat. one of the Kings Of Hip-Hop, Azad The Assassin, Baba Booey and Raekwon The Chef.

Slim Shady Redoes Germany: Eminem - Relapse (2009)

Em is No. 1... in Germany's hip-hop charts, and since you still don't give a shit about reviews, here is a shot of Germany's Next Top Model Eminem

Eminem - Relapse (2009)

Germany's Next Top Model Keyword - powered by Google:

rapidshare.com 231995641 Eminem.Relapse.2009 com.part1

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German Rap Charts: Clueso - So Sehr Dabei - LIVE

A German singer, rapper, songwriter and producer by the name of Clueso is currently... 20% of the German charts (i.e. Amazon.de's Rap & Hip-hop Charts:). Named after Inspectah Clouseau in Tha Pink Panther, Clueso started making music in 1995.

But it was 1998 when this current Four Music member decided to quit a potentially fabulous career as a hairdresser -- he represented Thuringia in the Bundesvision Song Contest with his latest single, Keinen Zentimeter and finished second to none.

But how about you? Should you really google:

rapidshare.com 119288491 Clueso 2008 So Sehr Dabei

Why get the Live Limited Deluxe Edition without the DVD?

Good luck googling it!

Clueso - So Sehr Dabei - LIVE (Ltd. Del. Edition) - 2009

1. Pause (Augen zu Intro) - Live
2. Augen zu - Live
3. Jede Stadt - Live
4. Utopie (Verlierer Intro) - Live
5. Verlierer - Live
6. Niemand an dich denkt - Live
7. Frische Luft - Live
8. Vier kleine Wände - Live
9. Wir woll'n Sommer - Live
10. Mitnehm - Live
11. Keinen Zentimeter - Live
12. Chicago - Live in Berlin
13. Kein Bock zu gehen - Live
14. So sehr dabei - Live
15. Geisterstadt - Live
16. Barfuss - Live
17. Gewinner - Single Version