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Friday, July 11, 2008

iDeutschrap 3G - Second to none...

Now that all music phones and MP3-Players are obsolete, reading about medieval shit like this is kinda... funky:

FORGET a battle of the bands, get ready for a battle of the music phones.
SONY ERICSSON and MOTOROLA have each just released tune-based handsets that can give your MP3 player a good kicking in the handy stakes.
For a start, the latest SE WALKMAN W350i has all the controls on the front of its flip, meaning there's no need to open it up to change tracks.
It's a wonder they never thought of it before really, I'm not sure what took the firm so long. [...] Sony Ericsson say the UK is fast becoming a nation addicted to 'Sound Snacking', which means getting a music fix with short 30 second bursts of tunes before moving onto the next. And its research found Dutch folk music and German Hip Hop were the best for getting the country a little jiggy in the bedroom. ~Da Sun.co.uk (Link? When Blogger.com got their shiznit together!)

The new iPhone 3G ain't perfect, but it's still SECOND TO NONE! All other music phones and gizmos are Microsoft! Don't sleep on the 3rd platform!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bushido - Gay for that American Gangsta image - Nazis love it!

One of Germany's foremost spinning machines, Der Spiegel, did a piece on German hip-hop/rap & hate crimes against homosexuals -- mos def not because it became a sudden problem in Germany last year. The trend has been brewing for a while. Insulting "fags" is not just an old theme in American rap ("Your mother, you fuckin' faggot" ~Eminem)--surprisingly, Germany has always been full of fag-bashing, but the new "hardcore style" has caught fire ... e.g., Bushido posing as American gangster (Check the accent!), and nevermind Galatasaray Rapper Kool Savas, who wrote fag-bashing bars in the 90s. "Bushido now reaches so many more people. He's a phenomenon, he really is. He's the most popular rapper in German history". Even Neo-Nazis digg the shit of this half-Tunisian German MC ... who supposedly hates Nazis. G-G-Gay Unit!

Friday, July 04, 2008

German Rap, Hitler's Volkswagen & cWhoring

Volkswagen, brought to you by Hitler, announced at Wörthersee (close to Braunau, Austria:) the start of a partnership made in heaven: Europe's largest car maker is going to pimp Fanta4, Germany's #1 hip-hop brand till 2010! Die Fantastischen Vier agreed to engage in utter corporate whoring ... at various Volkswagen rallies events.

But seriously, The Volkswagen Sound Foundation Tax Shelter & Goodwill Builder has also been profiting lately from the four German hip-hop MCs’ years of experience. Smudo & Co. mentor young wanna-be artists and up-and-coming bands when they take their first steps in show business with Volkswagen.

Volkswagen, like many other "savvy fictitious persons", has been established in the global music scene for a long time--Die Fantastischen Vier join a long list of world stars global brands like the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Seal ... and Bon Mofockin' Jovi.
Happy Indpendence day!
Happy "Independence" Day!