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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Germany: Full of Nazi MCs?

Bow, wow, wow! No wonder people (who couldn't even find Germany on a map) think German Rap is full of alien-hating swastika MCs with like-minded fans ... fuck 'em! (Certain polarizing media people, that is ... they don't use this: Deutschrap mit Gehirn)


Lizas Welt examines a German rap scene that increasingly spews Jew-hatred, extols terrorist attacks, and idolizes Osama bin Laden. [...] Threats of violence are, in any case, commonplace among rivals in the German rap scene. Among Massiv’s most adamant foes, for instance, is the Stuttgart-based rapper Bözemann [roughly, “Badman”], who likes to appear in the persona of an armed Albanian guerrilla fighter and who makes a point of his Muslim faith, as does Massiv.

In other news:

German Economists Rap Minimum-Wage Plans, Handelsblatt Reports

By Andreas Cremer

March 13 (Bloomberg) -- Germany's main economic institutes made a joint plea against the government's plans to introduce minimum wages, saying the move would lead to "considerable'' job losses, Handelsblatt reported. [...] Implementing further minimum wages ``would damage the foundations of the successful system of the market-economic order,'' Handelsblatt quoted seven institute leaders.