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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry २००८ bars

Only an imagination of itself like you
keeping shit hot for the '08 segment
and at the same time real true
pressing words like I am nine month pregnant
the best music blogs 2007?
deutschrap auf blogspot nicht um ein Haar
but not worthy of joining ODB in heaven
You knows it: Frohe Ostern und Prosit Neujahr!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Backspin's 2007 Deutschrap year in Review

How was that again? Who has what? What was it new? We summarize the past year by word, A like Aggro Berlin to W as truth.

0 - ∞: 58 beats; Munich independent label, founded by the Munich Formation MainConcept (David Pe, DJ Explicitly, -> Glam aka Glammerliscious). Home of the Acts MainConcept, -> Fresh Cream, Vierzueins. Brachte 2007, inter alia, the album, "Everything is different," Vierzueins member of minutes out, and the Producer album "Laceration of Glam and the Long Player" Did you fire? "And the Maxi" construction site "of Fresh Cream. Moreover, the artists of the label in the autumn of 2007 together on the "Do we not need" tour.

80's Flashback; title of a compilation published at the end of 2007. Initiated by Hamburger producers Petone, for the project known as German rappers Afrob, -> Samy Deluxe -> Sido, The Bo, -> Denyo, Harris and artists like Jan Delay, Scooter frontman HP Baxxter or Rocko Schamoni won. The sampler featuring songs of the 1980s in a new guise. They presented the "80's Flashback" live in various German clubs on a specially authentic roller-rink.

A: Aggro Berlin, Berlin rap label, published 2007, inter alia, the first album -> B-Tight, -> Tony D, and several other recordings of Aggro artists. They appeared at the label of the DVD, "I", excerpts of the 4in1 tour of Sido be seen. The 4in1 tour was a one-day tour of -> Sido, which drew four concerts in January (Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin) in a day there. It also brought Aggro Berlin in 2007 albums by artists that were not directly at the label under contract, such as Yom & Said, -> MC Bogy and -> Joe Rilla. Against 2007 also made the label of the most talked-about, as a sales and marketing deal with the major label Universal closed.

A $ Ali; Munich rapper, a member of the Formation -> The New South, under contract at -> Deluxe Records. Brachte his 2007 Mixtape "How to build a bomb?" On the label hamburgers.

Alpa Gun; Turkish rappers from Berlin, under contract at -> Sektenmuzik. Former driver and backup rappers -> Sido. Published its 2007 debut album "loaded and unlocked, which ranks 31 of the album charts and understanding. This caused Alpa Gun with the single "foreigners" in May. The accompanying video ran for a time in the daily programme of music channels. Alpa Gun is considered one of the most successful newcomer of the year 2007.

Assazeen; from - Ercandize label founded in 2007. The launch coincided with the publication of the Street album "The Pot is back" of the duo Brenna & Desasta. The second release was followed with the Mixtape "All In" of Creutzfeldt-Jakob & Lakmann rapper.

Azad; Frankfurt rapper and founder of the label Boz music, the artists Jeyz, Jones, Chaker, and the Sezai -> producers Sti, Martelli, Brisk Fingaz, Benny Blanco, m3 & Noyd houses. Azad in 2007 was to be heard on the album "concrete classic" of the group -> truth. In addition, he published at the end of the year, his fifth solo album "block letters". A big success was Azad 2007 for the single "Prison Break Anthem" feat. Adel Tawil, on the occasion of the broadcasting of the TV series - "Prison Break" has been published, a place of the singles charts and won gold gained.

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Click here for B - W (as truth).

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Da More Ya Know: Deutschrap Edition Vol. 1

Stuttgart = Centre of German Rap: situated in the dope state of Baden-Wüttemberg. You can find many opera houses, theatres and cinemas, concert halls and galleries. Stuttgart is also known to be the centre of German rap, deutschem Sprechgesag. Stuttgart is a green lovin' city; a sea of green and sweet smog cover the majority of the city.

Based on a true story by UNIVERSITY OF STUTTGART, Germany

Friday, December 21, 2007

"Obviously German hip hop" does Xbox and Playstation

Activision has detailed an upcoming song pack and single songs arriving as downloadable content on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of Neversoft's Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PC, PS2, PS3, Wii, X360). Billed as coming "in time for the holidays," it's likely the songs will hit Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network sometime next week.

[...] for single track downloads, three European bands have offered up tracks: "So Payaso," from Spanish rockers Extremoduro, "Antisocial" from French rock outfit Trust, and "Ernten Was Wir Säen" from the obviously German hip hop group Die Fantastischen Vier.

Source: Shacknews.com

Now classic Xmas videos:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Deutschrap does the Valley

Hip hop has come a long way from inspirational records of American soliders stationed in Germany. [...] Manuellsen [...] chose to hit LA, or better The Valley [aka the hardcore porn capitol of the world], to sho[o]t his latest Deutschrap single "Vor-Bye" seen above. From Mühlheim in the Rhine Rhur region, he's the first German rapper to film in Cali, although DJ Tomekk and Lil' Kim put together an anglofritz related clip earlier. Take special notice of the pimped out cars in Vor-Bye, word is that we'll see this video pop up in another form some time soon. Manuellsen speaks English, Dutch, Turkish and Arabic, so watch out, he might release an album overseas.

Source: Anglofritz.com

Friday, December 07, 2007

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I LIKE German rap ...

but ten years in the US gave yours truly the ability to appreciate (i.e., understand) hi-end, way- too-concentrated-for-the-average-rap-consumer American hip-hop as well.

Grouch & Eligh, Living Legends, Aesop Rock,
Canibus/Rip The Jacker
Madlib/Quasimoto, PBW, Chali 2na,

"I like my asses fat not flat."

Friday, November 30, 2007

Win-win for Xmas

It's that commercially sunny time of the year again. Saving and investing is for suckaz. So start spending your dough on shit you really need ... like "urban streetwear", iPods, and online porn. And while you're at it, don't foget to play the German lottery. You see, whenever there's a big-ass jackpot, playing Lotto is time well spent because your odds are much better. Don't just buy one, get at least 12 lottery tickets. It's state sponsored gambling, so it cannot be addicting! A true win-win situation -- on top of that, you could win one of 'em Backspin calendars ... daily! That's hot!* Like a day at the beach ...

* Don't fuck around! "That's the shit!" is a registered trademark (TM) of Paris Hilton

P.S. Think global, act local. Back to the future!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Corporate American rap feat DJ Tomekk

Tomasz Kuklicz a.k.a. DJ Tomekk (born October 11, 1976 in Kraków, Poland) is a popular Polish hip hop DJ.
His hits feature rappers like Ice-T, Fatman Scoop, Khia, Xzibit, Fler, Sido, Kurupt, Lil' Kim, KRS-One, and Flavor Flav.
DJ Tomekk's first album was called Return of Hip Hop and was followed by Beat of Life and Numma Eyns (Number One).

Top 6 Videos:

Dj Tomekk - Return Of Hip Hop (Feat. Krs-One, Torch & Mc Ren

DJ Tomekk feat. GZA Prodigal Sunn - Ich Lebe Fur Hip Hop

Dj Tomekk feat. Lil'Kim and Trooper da Don- Kimnotyze

DJ Tomekk f. Ice T, Sandra Nasic - Beat Of Life

DJ Tomekk ft Kurupt Tatwaffe & G-Style in Ganxtaville part 3

DJ Tomekk feat. DLR & Xzibit - Salam Alajkum

Sunday, November 25, 2007

फ्रितो 1984's not necessarily deutschrap-related "Y!-filtered" (नोव २३)

Spam Sequence Vol. 1

Gyorgy Kezdi
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The Motley Fool
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YouTube Service
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What I Learned on My Trip to a Canadian Sawmill
Fri Nov 23, 2007 51k

The year 2007. Fuck you, I'm lovin' it!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BACKSPIN #90 - अन्निवेर्सरी Issue

BACKSPIN #90 - November 2007COVER: 2 Cover, 2 Storys
phreQuincy wants to afford something
Who is Eko Fresh?

GERMANY: Lakman, Germany, Patrick mit Absicht, Kollegah, Joe Rilla, Real Jay, Dominance Records, 80's Flashback, Funkviertel

INTERNATIONAL: Ja Rule, NYG'z, Joell Ortiz, Gouge One, Ceza, Will.i.am, Twista, DJ Muggs vs. Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm

GRAFFITI: Bubbles & T-Ups, Walls, Trica's Birthday Painting 2007, TrainsWriter's Special: Regie

So who the fuck is Eko Fresh?

Ekrem Bora (born September 3, 1983 in Mönchengladbach) better known as Eko Fresh and also known as Elektro Eko is a German rapper of Turkish descent. His hometown is Mönchengladbach. He used to be in a relationship with the singer Valezka.
Ekrem grew up in Mönchengladbach and used to go to school until he stopped to pursue his musical interests. He grew up with his mother. After he left the school he had no profession so he worked in a shoe-shop. There he met for the first time the well-known rapper Kool Savas. Kool Savas was his mentor so he could early release his first LP on Royal Bunker, whose name was Jetzt kommen wir auf die Sachen. After this LP, Kool Savas, Eko Fresh, Valezka and Melbeatz founded Optik Records. There Eko Fresh released his 2nd LP König von Deutschland (King of Germany). Then, he fell in love with Valezka and that was not okay for Savas so Eko Fresh and Valezka left the Label and released their Songs on Sony BMG. There he released 3 LPs: Ich bin jung und brauche das Geld, Dünya Dönüyor - Die Welt dreht sich feat. Azra of Royal Bunker and L.O.V.E. featuring his Girlfriend Valezka.
50 Cent dissed Eko Fresh's Label "German Dream" on the Song Das Urteil by Kool Savas:
"Ey yo whats up. It's the kid 50 Cent. You are now tuned in to my man Kool Savas. Optik Boom. Destroy the German Dream, ya heard? G-G-G-G-G-Unit".
After approaching him on the subject, Eko Fresh reacted irrationally, trying to pull of a "rebel-stunt".
Eko Fresh and "Das Urteil"
Kool Savas replied with the most infamous disstrack in German HipHop History, entitled "Das Urteil" (The Judgement), with which he hoped to put an end to his former apprentice. This created a rift between Eko Fresh's "German Dream Team" and Kool Savas' renowned Optik Records.

Buschidoof Feat Ecko Fisch - Nemesis
Bushido feat. Eko Fresh - Nemesis

Monday, November 19, 2007

Still Dynamite Deluxe

Dynamite Deluxe is still a German hip hop group hailing from Hamburg, consisting of the MC Samy Deluxe, producer Tropf and producer/DJ Dynamite (alias Joni Rewind). The name is a combination of DJ Dynamite and Samy Deluxe.
In 1997, the trio released their first mixtape "Dynamite Deluxe Demo", which was an 8-track EP produced in a very small amount but can still be heard on the EP "The Classic Vinyl Files". Between the release of their first and final album Deluxe Soundsystem followed in 2000, they produced several other EPs and mixtapes. Although Samy Deluxe left the group in early 2001, DJ Dynamite and Tropf still work together and run the label Hamburgs Finest with him.
The group was awarded an ECHO in the category "Best Hip-Hop/R&B National" in 2001.
There is a comeback planned for January 2008. (wiki)

A true gem: "Gruene Brille" (2000):

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

American egg vs. German chicken

Deutsch Hiphop

There are many critics of German Rap, some of them going as far as to totally denounce it and call it merely 'Deutschsprachige Rap', attributing all the originality to the traditional Hip-hop as produced in the USA. However, not all Hip-hop made in German is just the same american hiphop in the german language. Some bands do have their distinct qualities and styles, that are different from the american stuff. I, however, do not make much distinction between 'Deutschsprachige Hiphop' or 'Deutsch Hiphop', because I enjoy both (as well as the traditional Hip-hop, gangsta rap etc.).

Source: UTexas.edu

Dude, no idea's original, there's nothing new under the sun. Neither Nas nor American hip-hop is truly original ... the egg or the chicken?? Who gives a shit what came first!?

No more Kinderzimmer Productions

Kinderzimmer Productions, the German hiphop crew that brought you Asphalt (2007), Irgendjemand muss doch (2005), Ich bin, du nicht sicher (2004), Wir sind da wo oben ist (2002), Die hohe Kunst der tiefen Schläge (1999), Die Erste (1998), Im Auftrag ewiger Jugend und Glückseligkeit (1996), Kinderzimmer Productions (1994), no longer be making deutschrap.

They consist of Quasi Modo (Sascha Klammt as DJ) and Textor (Henrik von Holtum as MC). They released their first album in 1994. Their name is both a tribute to early hip hop group Boogie Down Productions and a reference to the child's play room (German Kinderzimmer) in the parental house of Henrik von Holtum, in which the first two albums were recorded.

Kinderzimmer Productions is distinguished by a highly individual style. More than with most German-language hip hop, the tracks are shaped by a dynamic combination of samples (often jazzy or funky, frequently quoting well-known hip hop classics), which creates a constant change of mood. Textor's sing-speak is marked by high speed, complicated sentence constructions and the occasional use of foreign words and technical terms, which can sometimes make his message seem self-conscious and obscure, although the content is of secondary importance to the sophisticated wordplay. In "Back" Textor sings Wie ich schon sagte, ich schreib meine Zeilen mal widerlich schnell, mal fettig und langsam, mal sinnvoll, mal sinnlos ("Like I said, sometimes I write my lines obscenely fast, sometimes slow and flabby, sometimes meaningful, sometimes meaningless"). This virtuoso mixture of sampling and sing-speak can be psychedelic in effect.
As a special feature on their homepage, users can make their own hip hop tape with words spoken by Textor.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The other real German hip-hop magazine

While real suckers read Juice magazine, real headz trust Backspin magazine ... AND MK Zwo.
The current MK ZWO cover features Berlin's Beatbastler Keyza Soze -- en.wiki reference:

"...over the years K-Rino has appeared in numerous magazines and publications(XXL,source mag ozone mag.,juice mag. in Germany, dazed and confused in the UK, and many more.he has worked with many international producers including wolftown records in the UK,keyza soze in Germany, to name a couple.k-rino's style and high level lyricism has placed him in the conversation with some of the best of all time."

BACKSPIN #89 - Oktober 2007

No. Deuce in Deutschland. October 2007 issue feat. Godsilla, Keyza Soze, Sera Finale, Dresta, Jesm, Mädness, Jasha, MC Bogy, DJ Mixwell, No Peanuts. Cover: Kool Savas - Der King of Rap ist zurück;

"Kool Savas (formerly King Kool Savas (KKS), Juks or Jux) (born February 10, 1975 in Aachen) is a German rapper of Turkish descent and one of Germany's most influencial hip hop artists. His real name is Savaş Yurderi. Savaş is the turkish word for War. He is also the frontman of the Optik Army. [...] As a baby, one-year-old Savas returned to Turkey with his family. His father was arrested for political activities, forcing his mother to return to Aachen. In 1987 the reunited family moved to Berlin where Savas first came in contact with rap music. In 1997, he acted in the film Geschwister – Kardesler in the role of Ahmed.
He lives with his long-time girlfriend Melbeatz in Berlin. The relationship is also one of artistic and business collaboration as she produces many of his beats. They also are both vegetarians. At the end of 2004, there was a rumor that they were no longer together. Savas seems to confirm this in the song "Was hab' ich dir angetan?" (What did I do to you?) on the album ONE."

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Google.com feels deutschrap.com

Google "deutschrap" and you'll find this great blog in the top 10 (Top 5 right now). Peace goes out to the GoogleBot and PageRank. Guess you are worth at least another 200 billion dollars. Go GOOG, go GOOG.

Top 10 Google Search Results for DEUTSCHRAP

deutsch rap tag – Music at Last.fm
Listen to deutsch rap radio. Free deutsch rap mp3 downloads available. Top deutsch rap artists: Bushido, Sido, Dendemann, Curse, Deichkind, ...
www.last.fm/tag/deutsch+rap - 101k - Cached - Similar pages

Deutsch-Rap (German) – Groups at Last.fm
Deutsch-Rap (German) group has 146 members at Last.fm. Connected artists include . Für alle die Deutschrap hören...
www.last.fm/group/Deutsch-Rap+(German) - 67k - Cached - Similar pages
[ More results from www.last.fm ]

Deutscher Hip-Hop - Wikipedia
- [ Translate this page ]
Bis 1995 tauchten keine Deutschrap-Alben mehr in den Charts auf. Rap entwickelte sich im Untergrund weiter und spaltete sich in die Neue Schule und die Alte ...
de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutscher_Hip-Hop - 31k - Cached - Similar pages

rap.de - Deutschlands HipHop-Website Nummer 1
- [ Translate this page ]
HipHop-Plattform mit News, Magazin, Chat, Shop und MP3s.
www.rap.de/ - 33k - Cached - Similar pages

absolute beginner all kind of music by ben beginner dende dendemann deutscher hiphop deutschquote deutschrap eimsbush german hip-hop german hiphop german ...
deutschrap.blogspot.com/ - 137k - Cached - Similar pages

Top 20 LastFM Deutschrap-Artists Charts

1. K.I.Z.
2. Bushido
3. Sido
4 Kool Savas
5 Prinz Pi
6 Timbaland
6 Samy Deluxe
8 Bass Sultan Hengzt
9 Eminem
10 Azad
11 Kanye West
11 50 Cent
11 Kollegah
14 Olli Banjo
14 D-Bo
14 Culcha Candela
14 Linkin Park
14 B-Tight
14 Prinz Porno
20 Blumentopf

Monday, October 15, 2007

500,000 Thousand People and German Rap

Depending on what source you trust, at least 500.000 thousand people yesterday celebrated at Brandenburg Gate.

As some veteran of loveparade and the “fanmeile” who has been there for nearly all the last year’s football worldcup matches i would trust the estimates which see 700.000 visitors. As you might remember the Berlin Fanmeile (fanmile) whas the area between Brandenburg Gate and Siegessaeule where up to one million people gathered during each day of last year’s football fiesta.

[...] The event, powered by Coca-Cola and MTV, saw some of the most popular german bands on stage. As we previously reported back here, the 10 finalists of the Coca-Cola Soundwave Discovery Tour had become the chance to perform live on the big stage before it was time for the top acts which are all nominated for the MTV European Music Awards, to show their skills. The lineup included “Die Ohrboten, Ich + Ich, Juli, 2raumwohnung, Silbermond, Sportfreunde Stiller and the Die Fantastischen Vier”.

Due to the great weather, the perfect organization and the headlining bands which you can rarely see in such concentration the mood of the audience was high. After some perfect performances, the surprise act of this day, the Sportfreunde Stiller appeared live on stage, the band who did last year’s summer hit “54, 64, 90, 2006”, some song about germany’s world cup team. Naturally the boys performed their german superhit - this time to honor the german female soccer team who just became the new world champion.

Shortly after 9pm one of the most sucessfull german bands of all times started their show. “Die Fantastischen Vier” also known as Fanta 4 is a German hip hop group from Stuttgart, Germany. The members are Michael Bernd Schmidt alias Smudo, Andreas Rieke alias And.Ypsilon, Thomas Dürr alias Hausmeister (janitor) Thomas D and Michael ‘Michi’ Beck alias Dee Jot Hausmarke. They made German hip hop, or Deutschen Sprechgesang (German spoken-song) as they called it, popular in Germany.

The show of the “Fanta 4” was one of the main reasons why many fans had travelled to Berlin from all over Germany and it was worth it. In some one hour show which had to follow some tight time schedule as it was aired live by MTV, they presented many of their hits and made the crowd sing along to their well known tunes. Some of you non-german electronic music afficionados might at least know their song “Krieger” from Aphex Twin’s 26 Mixes For Cash album.

After some more political gatherings during the previous years, this entertainment highlight called Coca-Cola Soundwave was some event worth being the main attraction during this “Tag der Deutschen Einheit 2007”.

Source: Berlinista

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Who this be tha Bi Ba Butzemann?

I shake, rattle, roll
now this club's about to blow
while selector takes charge
I come from the soul
Down deep rhythm cuts the mere mortals
but see - I'm god of this ring
or should I say the reigning king
Here I stand
the Bee Bah Bootse Man
the sheriff of discotheque
enforce the law of this land
lights flashing, bodies clashing
dodging non-clipper fighters
I'm on top, not for the cash
let 'em know, huh!
I'm not the one to sleep on
no enemy can see dawn
I see them all as pawns
come strong with tactic and skill
damage them in the first and the second rounds
the third I go for the kill
See this battle's for real
in the eyes of the contender
ring the alarm -
next man up
in no time the last man
set ass pan fire
hit men for hire
Crowd's getting hyper now
I feel the level rise
can you take the pressure
coming down to do or die
adrenaline but no sweating
a little vexed, never stress
I flip and vent relentless
With windmill assaults
your shield level defaults
your defenses collapse
you can't deal with the attack
Bee Bah Bootse Man come down


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German "Rap" for a bad acid trip

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The New York Times on Deutschrap

Yet another old but interesting article on German Rap by no other than the world-mufuckin-famous New York Times:

August 9, 2005
Germany's Rap Music Veers Toward the Violent
BERLIN, Aug. 8 - Germany's most controversial rapper has five tattoos, stomach-churning lyrics, impressive record sales and, somewhat improbably, admirers among both immigrants and the neo-Nazi skinheads who rail against them.

He is also exceedingly polite and quick to refill a guest's glass of water, and he occasionally goes grocery shopping for his mom, with whom he shared an apartment until three months ago.

"In reality I'm a relaxed guy who likes to chill, who's funny and who's seen some stuff," said Bushido, 26, the son a German woman and a Tunisian man, whose real name is Anis Ferchichi. "But these people make me out to be the Devil."

In the past half year, Bushido and other gangsta rappers, largely from Germany's immigrant communities, have landed on a media watch list normally populated by right-wing neo-Nazi bands. They have attracted the wrath of politicians along with a following of hundreds of thousands of German youths mesmerized by their rhymes about dangerous neighborhoods, stab wounds and groupie sex.

A good 15 years after the music genre spread from the streets of American cities to tough neighborhoods from Rio de Janeiro to Marseilles, gangsta rap has hit it big in Germany, where tamer rap has been popular for years. Riding on the coattails of American rappers like 50 Cent and Eminem, German gangsta rappers have made a strong showing on the charts - where Bushido's last two albums have made their debuts in the Top 6 - and shaken a society not used to hearing ghetto tales of death and revenge in its own language.

German parents and the news media have expressed shock at hardcore lyrics, which, they say, glorify a dangerous American ghetto fantasy that doesn't exist in Germany and shouldn't be encouraged.

In response, the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons, an agency set up in 1954 in the sensitive era of post-Nazi reconstruction, has expanded its mandate to rap after spending most of the past two decades monitoring neo-Nazi music. Four rap titles have been added in the last year, joining seven others recently added to the more than 450 songs or albums the department has put on its list since the 1980's. Inclusion is more serious than an explicit lyrics sticker on a CD cover. It means that the offending album can't be advertised and stores can't sell it to anyone younger than 18.

"We put them on the list for many different reasons, but mainly because they discriminate against women, who are typically labeled prostitutes and hookers, and they advocate violence," said Elke Monssen-Engberding, director of the department.

The list features songs by radical right-wing bands like Aryan Duo and Reichsfront, offering song titles like "White and Full of Hate" and lyrics that glorify violence against immigrants. The fact that such bands are increasingly sharing space with people they spent most of their time railing against might seem strange. But to Ms. Monssen-Engberding, the threat from the two seemingly disparate groups is similar.

"The right-wing musicians are promoting an ideology, the rappers aren't promoting ideology; it's a type of dialogue," she said. "But it doesn't make it less dangerous."

In fact, there is some evidence that neo-Nazis relish the aggressive lyrics and image promoted by Berlin's gangsta rappers. Hannes Loh, an author of the book "Fear of a Kanak Planet: Hip-Hop Between World Culture and Nazi Rap," said some right-wing skinheads are abandoning jackboots and bomber jackets for the baggy pants and sneakers of the rap scene.

"We don't want to overexaggerate but it has become clear that it is moving in that direction," Mr. Loh said. "It's very contradictory, and very hard to understand."

Including for the rappers themselves. Bushido says skinheads cheered him at a concert he recently gave in the East German city of Chemnitz. After the show, they came up to congratulate him and ask for autographs.

"There is no trying to understand Nazis, but what are you going to do?" he said. "Are you going to ban them, put them in jail so that they hate you even more? If that guy is cool with me during the hour in which I'm giving my concert and respects the other people, then I think I've done a good job."

But it isn't the fact that he has some right-wing fans that has landed three of Bushido's five albums on the watch list. It's songs like "Gangbang" and "Dreckstück," in which women are portrayed as objects to abuse and humiliate, with lyrics like, "Just because you're a woman doesn't mean I won't beat you until you're blue."

His 2001 album "King of Kingz," which he produced in his mother's apartment, was put on the list in May. His most recent releases, "Electro Ghetto" and "Vom Bordstein bis zur Skyline" ("From the Pavement to the Skyline"), are also slated for listing.

"It's as dangerous to advocate violence against women as it is violence against immigrants," Ms. Monssen-Engberding said.

But that hasn't hurt Bushido's popularity among young people. "Electro Ghetto" made its debut at No. 6 last year on the German charts and is set to cross the 100,000 sales barrier needed in Germany to be certified gold. His most recent album made its first chart appearance at No. 3 and has already sold more than 50,000 copies, according to his agents at Universal Music.

Kaan Mueller, 16, who was attending a recent rap and dance open mike night at a community center in Kreuzberg, said he liked the music "because, sometimes, you need something aggressive and hard like that just to let out your feelings."

Around him, a multicultural mix of teenagers were cheering and whooping as group after group got onstage, some mimicking poses of their gangsta rap heroes as they rhymed unintelligible lyrics over a bad sound system. There were plenty of jerseys and baseball caps worn off center in imitation of American rap stars.

"I listen because I understand German hip-hop far better," said Mr. Mueller, a baseball cap tipped upwards from a face splashed with acne. "The Americans might do it better, but I don't know what they're saying."

The genre, though, is more popular with males than females. Monika Hetzer, 19, who helped organize the open mike night, said the new rappers were bad news.

"I think it's good that they put them on the list," she said. "I just got called a slut on my way in here by a little boy. Kids have gotten more and more aggressive. It's no surprise, given what you hear on the radio."

German rap has traditionally ceded ground to imports from across the Atlantic. Though some German hip-hop groups found success in the 1990's, German, unlike French and English, is not a language that accommodates the genre, say some artists.

The language features many combination words with an avalanche of syllables that don't rhyme well together, Bushido said. That impairs a rapper's ability to let loose a smooth and creative flow. That, combined with inferior production quality and beats, kept young people listening to rap imports, said Eric Remberg, the head of label Aggro Berlin, who prefers to go by the monicker Specter.

German rap's newfound success is partly a result of improved production quality and better lyrics, and partly a realization that Germany has its own problem neighborhoods, where failed integration and social hardship are part of the daily struggle, Specter said.

"I think Germany has reached the point that rap once was in the U.S.A., where it was attacked because people couldn't believe something like the gangsta life existed," said Specter, who since founding the label in the basement of a former brothel in 2001 has built it into one of the country's most notorious. "It was just ignored. People said. 'These conditions don't exist in our country.' "

Though Berlin might not have a Bedford-Stuyvesant or a South Central, he said, it has enough tough neighborhoods to provide material to the social misfits and immigrants who gathered in dark Berlin basements for freestyle battles in the late 1990's. A scene that started in the immigrant community in the 1980's quickly grew to include German youths from tough neighborhoods and children of mixed parentage.

Now that the songs they initially wrote to provoke their peers are reaching a larger audience and reaping criticism, rappers like Bushido are starting to tweak their style and tone it down. The new album he is recording in Austria is much more introspective, he said. In one song he portrays himself as an angel watching over a girl who has abusive parents. In another, he regrets missed chances with a girlfriend who has had an accident.

But other songs revert to the genre's typical form, with women getting much worse.

Heil Bushido?

A new wave of rap music is sweeping Germany: sexist, violent, often racist - and adored by neo-Nazis. Ruth Elkins reports on the alarming advance of the shock troops of popular culture

"If it doesn't work out with hip hop," shrugs Bushido, Germany's most notorious rap star, "then I'll just sell drugs." It probably won't come to that. The 26-year-old half Tunisian Berliner is turning the world of German hip hop upside down. The child of a German mother and an immigrant father is attracting, against all normal logic, a massive audience of neo-Nazis who love his hard-edged, racist and nationalistic lyrics.

There has never been any doubting Bushido's bad boy credentials. He is currently, and not for the first time, in an Austrian jail, waiting to see if he must stand trial on GBH charges. Earlier this month, an unfortunate 20-year-old Austrian man made the mistake of wandering too close to Bushido's pimped-up 7 Series BMW. It is alleged the rapper and his two bodyguards suspected the man had punctured the tyres, and beat him senseless. Bushido could face 10 years in jail.

Bushido's latest brush with the law was par for the course for a true gangsta rapper. 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Snoop Dogg: all the American rap stars worth their platinum discs and pimped-out Hummers have had run-ins with the law or spent time behind bars. But there is something different about Bushido, a beefy man with five tattoos. He has sparked a huge debate in Germany, a country still new to gangsta rap, about how racist and offensive song lyrics can be before they become outright neo-Nazi propaganda.

The police and the German equivalent of special branch have monitored the ultra-right rock scene for years. They have secretly recorded concerts of groups such as Kraftschlag, Ayran Duo and Reichsfront, banned their CDS and raided distributors. These kind of bands, who offer up songs called " White and Full of Hate" have lyrics such as: "We are clansmen, of white race and clean blood; we are clansmen, watch out black man, be on your guard" and are seen as dangerous propaganda tools in the hands of Germany's neo-Nazis as they attempt to reach out to teenagers and school children.

Bushido, though, is different. Gangsta rap has at last become a home-grown German product. Tame German rap has been popular here for years: groups such as Die Ärtze released non-controversial hits like: "Claudia's Got an Alsatian", but it was the kind of music that made 12-year-olds giggle. Until very recently, true gangsta rap had been strictly an American import. Spotty German teenagers would don baseball caps and baggy jeans and listen to the likes of Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent rap about things that seemed to come from a different world - the streets of the American inner city ghettos. They were pretty offensive, of course, their songs laced with profoundly sexist content: all men were pimps; all women were bitches. Now Germany has its own gangsta rappers. A country, which until recently was renowned for its affluent, stable economy and inclusive welfare net, (something those who came from the ghettos such as Compton and South Central just didn't have) is hearing about a new harsh German reality.

Bushido is to the fore, joined by his foul-mouthed colleagues: Fler, Sido, B-Tight, Kool Savas, Eko Fresh, Brainless Wankers and a collective calling themselves Der Frauenartzt (the Gynaecologist.)

In the past year, these rappers who once could only dream of minor fame on the fringes of the Germany's parochial music industry have made it to the mainstream. Their CDs regularly top the charts, their loves lives are followed by the tabloids, their concerts are sold out. Yet they are declaring open warfare on Germany's safe and comfortable consensus society.

The new wave of German gangsta rap, says Aggro Berlin, the most successful and notorious of the Berlin independent record labels representing German rap stars, is simply reflective of the hard times in Germany, a country whose economy continues to dip in and out of recession and where unemployment nudges 5 million.

But Germany does not have ghettos or race riots, it is, say panicked politicians, in no way comparable with US culture. Germany's new found gangsta rap is glamorising a fantasy of American ghetto life which should be banned, not encouraged. Still, the likes of Bushido seem to want to polarise society. Even the titles of his raps are upsetting the authorities. "Gang Bang" is a nauseating account of violent group sex. " Dreckstück" (Piece of Dirt) is entirely misogynistic and features the lyrics: "Just because you're a woman, doesn't mean I won't beat you till you're blue." Again and again the lyrics of Bushido and his gangsta rapper homies openly flirt with fascism. "Salutiert, steht stramm, Ich bin der Leader wie A," (Salute, stand to attention, I am the leader like 'A'), raps Bushido. The 'A', of course, stands for Adolf. A rap collective called Mor were heavily criticised for rapping lyrics where " Wack MCs" were sent to the "gas showers" and "children to the concentration camps."

Fler, 24, another Berlin bad boy went one further. His latest hit, " Neue Deutsche Welle" (New German Wave) which went gold within two weeks of its release, features the ultra nationalistic lyrics: "That is black, red, gold, hard and proud, you might not see it in me, but believe me, my mom (sic) is German". The CD was advertised with an adapted pre-Polish invasion Adolf Hitler quote: "From May 1st, we will shoot back". His name on the CD cover was written in Third Reich style gothic print. The video to "Neue Deutsche Welle", constantly played on Germany's rolling music channels is set in a deprived high-rise East Berlin estate and features German flag waving, a complete taboo, as well as the ultimate Nazi symbol, an eagle, landing on the rapper's shoulder.

The video's director said he would have liked to have lots of skinheads march through the estate with Fler, but worried, "that it might have pushed us into a bit of a corner." But Fler wasn't done with his neo-Nazi antics. Rumours flew recently that he had called his producer, DJ Ilan a " money grabbing Jewish pig." Germany's newspapers were outraged, but Fler didn't bother to deny it. Germany's far-right party, The NPD has even recommended "Neue Deutsche Welle" to party members.

No wonder the German ultra right is so enthralled.

"Though I think it is wrong to over-exaggerate the problem, the far right are definitely getting more interested in German hip hop, more so since the genre become so popular in mainstream culture," says Hannes Loh, 34, a former anti-fascist rapper and co-author of the book, Kanak Planet: Hip Hop

As early as 2001, the far-right rock magazine, Rocknord published an article headlined: "Hip Hop Is Going White Faster Than You Think". The neo-Nazi readership responded with hungry interest. "National Socialism always based itself around the masses," commented one reader. "If the masses are listening to hip hop, then why not?" Another said: " I hate hip hop like the plague, but I'd welcome it, if the raps went along with 'right' way of thinking." And no wonder so much of Germany's new brand of gangsta rap is being banned. Bushido's 2001 album, King of Kingz, and his more recent releases, Electric Ghetto and Vom Bordstein bis zur Skyline are all on the banned Index produced by Germany's Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young People, mostly it says: "because they discriminate about women and advocate violence". Similarly, Aggro Berlin composition sampler albums Ansage Nr.2 And Ansage Nr.3 which feature titles by Fler, Bushido and Sido such as: "call-a-Nigger", " Pussy" and "Oh Shit!" have also been banned. Although it does not prevent them being sold to those over the age of 18, they cannot be advertised and once they are on the Index, most large record stores don't bother to stock them.

Bushido and his colleagues say they don't know what the fuss is all about. "I've always distanced myself from this far-right rubbish," Bushido said recently of the neo-Nazi fans who beg him to autograph their skinheads. " There is no trying to understand Nazis, but what are you going to do? If that guy is cool with me during the hour in which I'm giving my concert and respects the other people, then I think I've done a good job." Mor, the rap collective, were outraged at accusations they were right wing. " We're No Nazis and have no intention of promoting nationalistic German rap," it wrote, incensed, on its website. "In fact, there is no such thing as German nationalistic hip hop!"

Perhaps just as worrying, is German gangsta rapper's similarly laissez faire attitude towards the violence and sexism their lyrics promote. "That's just how group sex is, you know," shrugged Bushido when one journalist accused him of misogyny regarding his song "Gang Bang". Bushido has a young daughter and maintains he only hits people who insult his mother, but does not think his rap promotes violence.

"I say to the kids, when you press 'play' and listen to my CD, then you spend 70 minutes in my life. When you press 'stop', then you're back in your life, with your parents, your teachers and the police who will arrest you if you make trouble." Many arts commentators agree that Germany's new gangsta rap is nothing to worry about. "Fler is no Nazi," says Dennis Kraus of hip hop magazine, Backspin. "He's just unbelievably stupid." Even the ultra-conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung says German rap's newfound offensive, nationalist tone is merely a ploy to sell records. "Fler just got what was left in Aggro Berlin's bag of tricks to get it noticed," it sniffed last month. "The 'crass nigger' character role was given to B-Tight, Sido got to wear the silver death mask. The only thing that was left for Fler which would cause any kind of outrage was the German flag."

"German gangsta rap is easy to deconstruct," says Hannes Loh, who runs seminars for school children to educate them about the genre. " Usually within about 10 minutes of discussion, you can get them thinking objectively." He, too, is not overly worried. "Ok, you could say this rap music is affecting children at a sensitive age; most fans are between 12 and 16 years old. But the truth is it's not really like that." He pauses for a while, then sighs. "The thing is, this kind of music is mostly listened to by white, middle-class kids who just want shock their parents. By the time they're 16, they've lost interest." German gangsta rap, he says, is just a phase. "It'll pass in time. Then maybe some of the really good stuff will replace it."

Source: The Independent

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oldschool Deutschrap

Die Fantastischen 4 -- dope, and therefore popular...

Towards the end of the 1980s, Rieke and Schmidt formed the "Terminal Team", Dürr and Beck joined in 1989. Under the new name Die Fantastischen Vier (The Fantastic Four), they made German hip hop, or Deutschen Sprechgesang (German spoken-song) as they called it, popular in Germany. Although there were artists who concerned themselves with German hip hop prior to them, for example Advanced Chemistry from Heidelberg, it was Die Fantastischen Vier who registered the first chart hit with their 1992 single "Die da?!" from the album 4 Gewinnt, hitting #2 in Germany and #1 in Austria and Switzerland. A music video for "Die da?!" was shot in Leipzig.

The group never got involved with US-American gangsta rap clichés, reacting sharply to verbal attacks of alleged German gangsta rappers. In the albums following 4 Gewinnt, the band matured and progressed to a more serious and philosophic style.

In addition to the group's works, Smudo, Thomas D, Hausmarke and And.Ypsilon also produced successful solo albums and had their own weekly show Die 4. Dimension, named after their third album, which aired on the German pay TV channel Premiere in 1993/1994.

At the 1996 Popkomm in Cologne, Die Fantastischen Vier announced the establishment of their label, Four Music. Headquarters were in Stuttgart, but were later moved to Berlin-Kreuzberg.
Three years later, the group's 7th album 4:99 was released on their own label, with 4 singles from the album following. After the #2 hit "MfG", three singles were released at the same time, a first in German music business. Each one can be associated with one of the rappers: "Le Smou" (The Smou; Smudo), "Michi Beck in Hell" (Michi Beck) and "Buenos Dias Messias" (Good day, Messiah; Thomas D).

In late September 2004, Die Fantastischen Vier released the album Viel, the following tour being their most successful and most visited to date.

In 2005, Fanta 4's first greatest hits album was published. It includes all singles, as well as several other songs and rare footage from the bands early days, when they were still called "Terminal Team" and rapped in English.
On April 7 2007, Fornika was released, preceded by the single "Ernten was wir säen" (Reap what we sow).

(Source: en.WIKI)

"Great Female Rap straight out of Berlin"


Released on Four Music Productions, Berlin. The first appearance of the female rapper Lisi - now also signed by Four Music - legendary home 2 Die Fantastischen Vier

German Rap Videos 101

When Cournoyer started out, only accelerated students took a foreign language.

She agrees that students' lives were simpler then. Today, everyone has a chance to learn a new language, but there are many more distractions to prevent progress, she said. "They have so many more things going on outside of school. To reach them, you have to work much harder."

One of Cournoyer's lessons involves making German rap videos. To prepare, her students did a comparison of the history of rap in the United States and Germany and wrote their own German raps.


Hip German Female Ho MC

Straight out of Munich, Germany:



www.fiva-radrum.de - Fiva & Radrum - Die offizielle Internetseite ...

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Backspin July 2007

BACKSPIN #86 - Juli 2007

Freundeskreis - Helden für einen Sommer

HipHop Open
Kreuzberg Tape Vol. 1
Kinderzimmer Productions
Selfmade Records
Kaisa & MC Basstard
Icke & Er
King Orgasmus One

Do you... Sookee?

Sookee a.k.a. Quing (* Dezember 1983) is a German female MC a.k.a. a Deutschrapperin straight out of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Her base is Berlin and her scent is feminist. Her first release is called "Head, Heart, Ass" (2006, Springstoff)

Guest appearences:

2006 - Esco Mixtape (RAPplus)
2006 - Berliner Vokalrunde (Hauptstadtader Musik )
2006 - Memories 3 (Jubeko)
2005 - Bloodshot, Beats like Bombs
2005 - Chrizzow Flex, Upgrade (Springstoff)
2005 - RapCityBerlin (Mantikor/Lasan)
2004 - Mad Maks & Chrizzow Flex, Gemischte Gefühle #1 (Springstoff)
2004 - All inclusive 2, Leipzig brennt (RMF-Records)
2004 - RAPplus #5 (Artikulabor)
2004 - Memories (Jubeko)
2004 - Mad Maks & Sikk, Maksimale Sikkness (Springstoff)
2004 - Peat38 & H-MC, Gleichschritt (WahnDreiEck)
2004 - BierPimp, BierPimpin' Ain't Easy (Springstoff/PhatAct)
2003 - Chrizzow Flex, Das Flexperiment (Springstoff)
2003 - 360 Grad (Jubeko)
2003 - Artikulabor Tape #2 (Artikulabor)
2003 - Kacke am Dampfen Vol. 2: Kot Red (Springstoff)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

German Mainstream Rap Hits LA



"This song is... a great product; The Notorious B.I.G. wrote a cool track but this version has a special vibe..., too."

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Top 10 Google News on Deutschrap (in German:(

Epileptik Undercover
Blitz! - 13. Apr. 2007
Musikalisch bewegt sich das Album erwartungsgemäß auf den Pfaden des Deutsch-Rap, weitestgehend unterlegt mit altbewährten HipHop-Percussions und darauf ...
Brooklyn statt Woodstock
St. Galler Tagblatt - 11. Apr. 2007
Samy Deluxe, Freundeskreis und Dendemann runden die Deutschrap-Fraktion ab. Von den 32 Bands werden zwei in den kommenden Tagen noch als «Surprise Guests» ...
Die tierische Angst vor dem Uncoolsein
Netzeitung - 8. Apr. 2007
Aktuellen Deutsch-Rap findet die Band weniger spannend. «Sido aber ist sehr amüsant», sagt Beck. Ihre großen Erfolge in den 90er Jahren vermissen die ...
„Ich werde mich auch mit 85 mit 'Peace' verabschieden“
politik-digital.de - 4. Apr. 2007
Was hältst Du allgemein von Deutsch-Rap? MC Winkel: An sich finde ich das okay, was die da in Berlin machen. Ist jetzt nicht meins, aber wie überall muss es ...
Aggro-Berlin-Rapper sido kommt in mancher Hinsicht geläutert ...
Kieler Nachrichten - 3. Apr. 2007
... nur die Deutsch-Rap-Szene mächtig aufmischten – durchaus mit Rhyme-Battles, die handgreiflich wurden –, sondern in denen junge Wilde weiser werden. ...

Aargauer Zeitung
Hugh Grant zurück zur Ex
Aargauer Zeitung - 2. Apr. 2007
Wenn sie nicht gerade wegen einem neuen Album gemeinsam im Studio stehen, treffen sich die Pioniere des Deutsch-Rap deshalb am liebsten in den Bündner Alpen ...
Die Fanstastischen Vier: Rap der ploppt
Die Zeit - 2. Apr. 2007
"Irgendwann haben wir uns gesagt: Musikalisch ist alles erlaubt, was uns gefällt." Aktuellen Deutsch-Rap findet die Band weniger spannend. ...
Die Schere klafft noch weiter
Kölnische Rundschau - 29. März 2007
Torsten ist nämlich ein großer Deutsch-Rap-Fan und hat mich mitgeschleppt. Ich bin nach ner halben Stunde gegangen. Ich hab s nicht verstanden. ...
Acht Bands aus sieben Bundesländern im Finale des Bit Music Contests
Input Actuell - 27. März 2007
Die Band steht für Deutsch-Rap mit eingängigen Hooklines und gefühlvollem Songwriting, so auch ihr Finalistensong „Im Club“.
Gangster werden
Neue Ruhr Zeitung - 22. März 2007
Doch was ist wirklich dran am "Horrorszenario Deutsch-Rap"? Sind es die Künstler der deutschen Rapscene die die Jugend mit ihren Texten auf die falsche ...

Top 3 Highest Rated Deutschrap Videos on YouTube

eins zwo- discjockeys

german rap on the highest level

One of the best Deutschrap-Storytracks ever -- live: Deluxe Soundsystem Releaseparty 03/2000.

Music Videoclip
Directed by Future Rock & Dominic Boehle
Postproduction by BLANX Effects
for more infos check

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"Friendly Greetings" in Deutschrap

"MfG" and the Fanta4

The German Abbreviations in the Song
“MfG” by Die Fantastischen Vier

German Rap and Hip-Hop

MfG CD Listening to German songs is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to improve your German. We constantly update our Music/Song Links, and we wrote about The Sound of Music... and Lyrics earlier.

But this time we look at (and listen to!) a particular song by the German group known as Die Fantastischen Vier (Fanta4, F4). One of the songs on their Sony/Columbia CD album "4:99" is called "MfG." If you've ever received email in German, you know that this Abkürzung stands for "Mit freundlichen Grüßen" (Yours sincerely/truly; lit., "with friendly greetings"). The song's lyrics consist almost entirely of abbreviations and acronyms in German and English.

Just for fun, we've got a short quiz in which you can test yourself on some of the German abbreviations in the song. Don't worry if you don't know every one of them. Even many German-speakers don't know what all of the abbreviations mean. So we've put together an "MfG" glossary of all the terms used in the song - in both English and German. Also see our 'MfG' Lyrics page and our German Alphabet page with its ABC-Exercises.

Below we'll show you links to both the song and the group. Die Fantastischen Vier have an excellent Web site where you can find information about the group and their many songs. Even if you're not into German rap, I think you'll find this song a fun way to learn some common German terms. After all, German uses abbreviations and acronyms as much or even more than English.

Listening to the "MfG" song is also excellent practice for the German alphabet. After all, the sound of the letters in common abbreviations, such as "VW" (fow-vay), are quite different from English. The alphabet also has some very practical applications. For example, can you spell your name out loud in German?

Now enjoy the music while you polish your listening and speaking skills!


Intro: The ‘missing’ lyrics (radio edit)

GbR, GmbH - ihr könnt mich mal
ADAC, DLRG - ojemine
KMH, ICE und Eschede
PVC, FCKW - is nich OK

MfG - mit freundlichen Grüßen
die Welt liegt uns zu Füßen, denn wir stehen drauf
wir gehen drauf für ein Leben voller Schall und Rauch
bevor wir fallen, fallen wir lieber auf

UKW, NDW und Hubert K
BTM, BKA, hahaha
H+M, BSB und FDH
SOS, 110 - tatütata
HSV, VFB, oleole
TM3, A+O und AEG
THC in OCB is was ich dreh

MfG - mit freundlichen Grüßen
die Welt liegt uns zu Füßen, denn wir stehen drauf
wir gehen drauf für ein Leben voller Schall und Rauch
bevor wir fallen, fallen wir lieber auf

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Curse: The German Nas

His Wiki Biography:

Curse has had a long musical past. In his youth, he played songs like "Zwei Mal In Den Kopf" (which means something like "Twice into the head") in his former band Phat Kicks. In the 90ies, his band had gigs in the area of Stadthagen.

On his first album Feuerwasser (released in 2000), his lyrics have already been self-reflected and they have handled with things that had happened in his life, but also contained classical hip hop tracks such as representing- and battle-tracks. He especially raps about abortive relationships and admits mistakes to himself. For that reason, he is a kind of an outsider in the hip hop scene. The beats on Feuerwasser and many other releases are often produced by Sascha Bühren aka Busy.

In 2001, his next album Von Innen Nach Außen (which means something like "inside outwards") was released. On this album, Curse continued his style and the lead single Lass uns doch Freunde sein ("Let us be friends") was distinguishing from current rap clichés and thus gaining attention even outside the hip hop scene. The German hip hop magazine Juice rewarded this album with the title "Best National Album". This album has even been released in Japan. It reached the German Top-Ten Charts.

On his third album Innere Sicherheit ("Inner Security") his style changed in many aspects: While the beats on his previous albums were mainly produced electronically, the beats on this album are produced with a wide range of instruments: From sophisticated instrumentals with classical transverse flutes (Ich Versteh Dich) over the Crossoversong Schocktherapie to the very emotional Und Was Ist Jetzt?, a piano ballad, there is a broad musical array, which emphasizes and accompanies with the deep lyrics. Also an increasing amount of political society-critical texts can be detected, whereas he is not ignoring his 'old' topics. In this frame also the single Widerstand has originated with the German Reggae-Artist [[Gentleman (musician) Also with the cooperation with upcoming talents he acquired renown. So, for instance, he afforded Italo Reno & Germany as soon as Stress und Trauma the opportunity to present themselves to a general public with guest appearances on his releases and not least by his artist platform Alles Real Records. Over the Years he made many collaborations with various German and international artists, among others with Kool Savas, Xavier Naidoo, Max Herre (Freundeskreis), Samy Deluxe, J-Luv, Braz (4Lyn), Patrice, Black Thought (The Roots), Pete Rock and RZA.

On December 2, 2005 Curse released his fourth Album Sinnflut. The lead single Gangsta Rap entered the German charts on position 25. On Sinnflut Curse returns to his roots, as if the experimental album Innere Sicherheit had never exist. With deep and very private songs as Kein Weg zurück ("No way back") or Mein Leben ("My life") , or the representer tracks like Der Fluch ("The Curse") or "Broken Language Reloaded" with the Samy Deluxe Feature, which is a remake of the classic "Broken Language" from Smoothe Da Hustler Feat. Trigger Tha Gambler from 1995, the record has become homogeneous and multifaceted. Curse fulfilled himself a childhood dream with the features with Black Thought (of The Roots) and the producer legend Pete Rock. Latter has been persuaded to sing the hooks and shoutouts, which he did for Nas last. By the way he names Nas as his big idol to which he is often compared as one of Germans greatest lyricists.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Unsigned Hype Hottie: Deutschrapperin Livia

sexy female mc rapper

Livia's MySpace site: 4 tracks from the hot female MC ... +500 "friends" :)

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Backspin February

Content: BACKSPIN #82 - Februar 2007

Pirates Of The Big Smoke –
Nicht im Dienste Ihrer Majestät

Separate & Vega
Royal Bunker „Rock ’n’ Roll“
Simon Vegas
Sprachtot, Megaloh & Frauenarzt
Fiva & Radrum

Sektion Kuchikäschtli
Scott Storch
Fat Joe
C.L. Smooth

In The Mix
City Special: Paris

Paris Graffiti Deutschland Backspin

New York Real Talk
Writer Story: Digs/Del
Way Back In The Days: George Clinton
Back In The Days: Onyx
Erste Schritte
BACKSPIN trifft: King Rocko Schamoni
Letzte Seite | Impressum

German Russian Rap Toplist

German Rap - Top 10 List
aka The Russian Free MP3 Charts


"Check up and load fast" MP3s

3. www.Bass-Bratwa.de
Russian Entertainment

eure lieblingsseite
alles was ihr wollt..


Mega Rap D3LuX3
Musik Deluxe MP3s

Free Download MP3s Movies Sounds etc. all u want check in!



Khalid Afro BG
Hip Hop Remixxe und alles was das Herz begehrt auf dieser Seite

Deutschrap.com - German HipHop Watch
Documenting the conquest!

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Time flies!

Latest Deutschrap Videos via Google

tlmentertainment - 58 Sek. - 31.01.2007
avdains - 3 Min. - 31.01.2007
Neue Single von Pat Cash!! Auskopplung vom DJ Tomekk presents "The Nexxt Generation Mixtape"!!
avdains - 3 Min. - 31.01.2007 - kleiner voller Sternkleiner voller Sternkleiner halber Sternkleiner leerer Sternkleiner leerer Stern (2 Bewertungen)
Neue Single von Pat Cash!! Auskopplung vom DJ Tomekk presents "The Nexxt Generation Mixtape"!!
ShishaPlaya - 4 Min. - 31.01.2007
Irie-D's neustes Video zu seinem Album "Live Dabei" !!!!
bushidofan915827 - 4 Min. - 30.01.2007 - kleiner voller Sternkleiner voller Sternkleiner halber Sternkleiner leerer Sternkleiner leerer Stern (2 Bewertungen)
Hier, die Übersetzung von Eminem-Mockinbird..
beautysweety - 5 Min. - 30.01.2007
this song reminds me
ASadX - 2 Min. - 29.01.2007 - kleiner voller Sternkleiner voller Sternkleiner voller Sternkleiner voller Sternkleiner leerer Stern (1 Bewertung)
Stuttgart Benztown Hip Hop Track by sAd
rapsquad1 - 2 Min. - 29.01.2007
Rap Squad One
ZaneSquall - 4 Min. - 29.01.2007
ochhh der nette sido kuck ihn euch an er is ganz traurig unterstützt ihn mal...