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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Backspin's 2007 Deutschrap year in Review

How was that again? Who has what? What was it new? We summarize the past year by word, A like Aggro Berlin to W as truth.

0 - ∞: 58 beats; Munich independent label, founded by the Munich Formation MainConcept (David Pe, DJ Explicitly, -> Glam aka Glammerliscious). Home of the Acts MainConcept, -> Fresh Cream, Vierzueins. Brachte 2007, inter alia, the album, "Everything is different," Vierzueins member of minutes out, and the Producer album "Laceration of Glam and the Long Player" Did you fire? "And the Maxi" construction site "of Fresh Cream. Moreover, the artists of the label in the autumn of 2007 together on the "Do we not need" tour.

80's Flashback; title of a compilation published at the end of 2007. Initiated by Hamburger producers Petone, for the project known as German rappers Afrob, -> Samy Deluxe -> Sido, The Bo, -> Denyo, Harris and artists like Jan Delay, Scooter frontman HP Baxxter or Rocko Schamoni won. The sampler featuring songs of the 1980s in a new guise. They presented the "80's Flashback" live in various German clubs on a specially authentic roller-rink.

A: Aggro Berlin, Berlin rap label, published 2007, inter alia, the first album -> B-Tight, -> Tony D, and several other recordings of Aggro artists. They appeared at the label of the DVD, "I", excerpts of the 4in1 tour of Sido be seen. The 4in1 tour was a one-day tour of -> Sido, which drew four concerts in January (Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin) in a day there. It also brought Aggro Berlin in 2007 albums by artists that were not directly at the label under contract, such as Yom & Said, -> MC Bogy and -> Joe Rilla. Against 2007 also made the label of the most talked-about, as a sales and marketing deal with the major label Universal closed.

A $ Ali; Munich rapper, a member of the Formation -> The New South, under contract at -> Deluxe Records. Brachte his 2007 Mixtape "How to build a bomb?" On the label hamburgers.

Alpa Gun; Turkish rappers from Berlin, under contract at -> Sektenmuzik. Former driver and backup rappers -> Sido. Published its 2007 debut album "loaded and unlocked, which ranks 31 of the album charts and understanding. This caused Alpa Gun with the single "foreigners" in May. The accompanying video ran for a time in the daily programme of music channels. Alpa Gun is considered one of the most successful newcomer of the year 2007.

Assazeen; from - Ercandize label founded in 2007. The launch coincided with the publication of the Street album "The Pot is back" of the duo Brenna & Desasta. The second release was followed with the Mixtape "All In" of Creutzfeldt-Jakob & Lakmann rapper.

Azad; Frankfurt rapper and founder of the label Boz music, the artists Jeyz, Jones, Chaker, and the Sezai -> producers Sti, Martelli, Brisk Fingaz, Benny Blanco, m3 & Noyd houses. Azad in 2007 was to be heard on the album "concrete classic" of the group -> truth. In addition, he published at the end of the year, his fifth solo album "block letters". A big success was Azad 2007 for the single "Prison Break Anthem" feat. Adel Tawil, on the occasion of the broadcasting of the TV series - "Prison Break" has been published, a place of the singles charts and won gold gained.

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