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Monday, December 10, 2007

Deutschrap does the Valley

Hip hop has come a long way from inspirational records of American soliders stationed in Germany. [...] Manuellsen [...] chose to hit LA, or better The Valley [aka the hardcore porn capitol of the world], to sho[o]t his latest Deutschrap single "Vor-Bye" seen above. From Mühlheim in the Rhine Rhur region, he's the first German rapper to film in Cali, although DJ Tomekk and Lil' Kim put together an anglofritz related clip earlier. Take special notice of the pimped out cars in Vor-Bye, word is that we'll see this video pop up in another form some time soon. Manuellsen speaks English, Dutch, Turkish and Arabic, so watch out, he might release an album overseas.

Source: Anglofritz.com