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Friday, January 30, 2009

Must-Share-Instrumentals: PackFM - WhutduzFMstand4? (2006)

If you haven't... got it, it's newly "re-upped shiznit" to you! Must Share MP3s -- each and every single track of Pack FM's debut album: "It’s the product of an almost decade-long effort, and, indeed, the final product is ridiculous. [...] Perhaps a more accurate description for whutduzFMstand4? is that it’s the album most cats didn’t know they were waiting for."

PackFM - WhutduzFMstand4? (Instrumentals) - 2006

packFM - Whut Duz FM stand 4? - Instrumentals

01 - The Fuck (Instrumental)
02 - Spell It With A K (Instrumental)
03 - I Can't Win (Instrumental)
04 - Click Clack & Spray (Instrumental)
05 - Lessons (Instrumental)
06 - Stomp (Instrumental)
07 - Kilt It (Instrumental)
08 - Excuses (Instrumental)
09 - Free-Esta (Instrumental)
10 - Upclose & Personal (Instrumental)
11 - Token Love Song (Instrumental)
12 - Suzie (Instrumental)
13 - Ugly Woman (Instrumental)
14 - Forevershine (Instrumental)
15 - WhutduzFMstand4 (Instrumental)


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Berlin Instrumental: Aggroberlin Zeit feat. B-Tight feat. G-Hot & Tony D

Aggro Berlin is a German hip-hop independent record label based in Berlin, Germany. Ever since Bushido left in 2006 (fall), Aggro Berlin equals that MC with the silver mask. "Aggroberlin Zeit" ("Time") is a pure rap instrumental track and could certainly be googled:

Aggroberlin Zeit Instrumental (2005) .rar

Aggro Berlin Zeit via Rapidshare

You could find this Rapidshare link right away...


Absolute German Rap: Beginner - Bambule (1998)

Juice Magazin Ausgabe 7 - 2003Beginner is a rap group from Germany's hip-hop hochburg Hamburg, founded as Absolute Beginners in 1991, initially with six members. Beginner (plural in German) started rapping in English and German with homemade beats, but later realized that the German accent is way too distracting... too fake. So they started dropping German bars solely.

Absolute Beginner - Bambule (1998)

Download Absolute Beginner - Bambule via Megaupload?

The absolute search machine gives you a Free Megaupload Link Now :)


Eins Zwo - Gefaehrliches Halbwissen (1999)

"Gefaehrliches Halbwissen" was released in May 1999. Now after almost 10 years, this album is highly regarded -- yet another classic piece of German hip-hop culture. This is what wikipedia says about this Pre-2000 German hip-hop duo:

Eins Zwo ("One Two") was a German hip hop group from Hamburg, consisting of DJ Rabauke (Thomas Jensen) and MC Dendemann (Daniel Ebel). Rabauke produced his first music with his 'Projekt an der Grenze'. He however, was before Eins Zwo more known for his work as tour DJ with the group Fettes Brot. Dendemann was formerly mostly associated with his work as a member of the 'Vorgruppe Arme Ritter'.

BTW, "Gefaehrliches" means "Dangerous", "Wissen" means "Knowledge" and "Halb" means "Half".

And if you googled the following keyword:

Eins Zwo - Gefährliches Halbwissen (1999)

Eins Zwo - Gefaehrliches Halbwissen downloaden mit Rapidshare

and added your favorite Rapidshare keyword, you'd find the following Rapidshare link in the the number Eins or Zwo spot.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Coolio's Gropstas Paradise

The westside version of Flava Flav, a winning bully named Coolio, did the German version of a funky little reality TV series called Big Brother. The rapper, who has offended some of his fellow housemates with his scandalous conduct, made an equally bad impression when he appeared on Desperate Comeback - Die Grosse Chance, in which yesterday's popstars compete to win a new record deal.
It's supposedly the same Coolio, who's built in Compton, California, in 1963... who's a Grammy Award-winning rapper and actor. And you know him from the 1995 hit single "Gangsta's Paradise", which appeared on the infamous soundtrack for the movie Dangerous Minds.
Coolio's featured on DJ Tomekk's 2001 LP "Return of Hiphop", but if you really want some dope Westcoast beats, you could google...

Straight Outta Compton Samples Nottingham

N.W.A - Straight Outta Compton - The Originals

NWA - Straight Outta Compton - The Original Samples - DJ Big Texas Mix

Thank Kevin Nottingham for this working Megaupload link... and DJ Big Texas for the "orignal" mix :)


Monday, January 19, 2009

Top Austrian Rap Album: Chakuza - Unter der Sonne (2008) - 2CD Limited Edition

deutschrap: Juice magazin cover - Ausgabe 06/2008Once upon a time, a young Austrian moved to Berlin, Germany, and sold the masses. His real name is not important because he's generally known as Chakuza, a fine cook, and is signed to Bushido's "indie label" ersguterjunge. Chakuza's latest full-length studio album is called "Unter der Sonne" ("Under the Sun") and is not for you if you DIGG "party rap made for German rap charts". That's due to the fact that Chakuza despises this kind of blatant commercial happy-rappy. When he says "Let's keep it real" he is talking about grimy... "Electro Ghetto Rap"

Chakuza - Unter der Sonne - Limited Edition - 2CD (2008)

1. intro 02:08
2. blind (feat. evelyn) 03:49
3. unter der sonne (feat. bushido) 03:24
4. licht und schatten (feat. nyze) 03:44
5. running man 03:13
6. geht nicht (feat. raf camora) 03:41
7. stahlstadtjunge 03:48
8. lass mich atmen (feat. tarc) 03:36
9. e.r. (feat. bizzy montana) 03:25
10. jackpot (feat. lenny wolf) 03:49
11. ich warte 03:19
12. asozialenslang (feat. summer cem) 03:39
13. was ist passiert? 04:11
14. wir marschieren 04:24
15. krieg im kopf 03:31
16. outro 02:36

1. legenden (feat. sprachtot) 03:54
2. schlag alarm (feat. kay one) 03:40
3. nur wenn ich schlafe 03:30
4. was dann? (feat. d-bo) 03:22
5. m.o.t.u. (feat. presi) 03:41

You could just google the obvious key without the bling-bling (" & [):

Chakuza Unter Sonne .rar

and find this working Rapidshare link (no password!):


Even the lead single, also titled "Unter der Sonne" feat. Bushido

Chakuza - "Unter der Sonne" (2008) - Single

Chakuza feat. Bushido Single feat. Chakuza Instrumentals

1. Unter Der Sonne (Album Version)
2. Unter Der Sonne (Decay Remix)
3. Unter Der Sonne (Chakuza Remix)
4. Unter Der Sonne (Album Instrumental)
5. Unter Der Sonne (Decay Remix)
6. Unter Der Sonne (Chakuza Instrumental)


Monday, January 12, 2009

DJ Amplive presents: Zion I Instrumentals Vol.1 (2009)

Due to popular demand: Non-German beats by DJ Amplive - the finest instrumentals of Zion I.

DJ Amplive Presents: Zion I Instrumentals Vol.1 (2009)

You could download DJ Amplive presents: Zion I Instrumentals Vol. 1 via Rapidshare

01. The Drill Instrumental
02. Birds Eye View Instrumental
03. Boom Bip Instrumental
04. Trippin Instrumental
05. One Chance Instrumental
06. Do It Instrumental
07. Silly Puddy Instrumental
08. Stranger In My Home Instrumental
09. Speakerz Instrumental
10. Inner Light Instrumental
11. Mind Blow Instrumental
12. Phone Calls Instrumental
13. Mic Jonez Instrumental

If you googled the usual keys you'd get the following Rapidshare link:


Mad props goes out to a fine blog called Strictlybeats.blogspot.com

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hip-hop Audio History: A.N.T. - Memories and Melodies 85-89 (2005)

Another non-German Leckerbissen: "Memories and Melodies Vol. 2" by A.N.T., the DJ/beatmeister/producer from Atmosphere.
The title already tells you "it hits on some prime years of advancement for the hip hop artform. This mix dropped via an asr-10, effects processor and a flash former, this ain't no simple blend thang!" (Boomkat.com)
And you don't even need a deep understanding of mixtape history to consider this mix of Jungle Brothers, Biz Markie, Boogie Down Productions, Eric B & Rakim, Steady B, Stetsasonic, Schoolly D, Man Parrish, Original Concept, Mantronix, LL Cool J and Whistle an "utterly essential" classic for the presence.

A.N.T. - Memories & Melodies 85-89 (2005)

Atmosphere DJ ANT - Memories Melodies - Rapidshare - not vol. 1

And of course you could choose to google this keyword:

ant memories and melodies freshmusick "vol 2"

This Underground HipHop Blog gives you this free working Rapidshare link:


Friday, January 09, 2009

The First Single: Sido - Mein Block Remix Instrumentals (2004)

Who the fuck is Sido? A worthy German rapstar whose work is released by the notorious German record label Aggro Berlin.
Sido's provocative and aggressive lyrics, and his trademark silver skull mask make him stand out like... a green hat with an orange bill. The artist name "Sido" is an abbreviation -- "super intelligentes Drogenopfer“ ("super intelligent drug victim“). However, many baby boomers still feel his "backronym": "Scheiße in dein Ohr“ (Shit into your ear).

Sido - Mein Block Rmx Instrumentals - Rapidshare

Sido Mein Block downloaden - Remix Instrumental Version

You could google Sido's very first Single - at least the instrumental version:

Sido - Mein Block Remix - Instrumentals

and find this link:


You can find "Strip Fuer Mich (Instrumental)" and "Scheiss Drauf (Instrumental)" on the 2CD Bonus Premium Edition of Sido - "Ich und Meine Maske" (2008) exclusively... meaning: Google don't got it. YouTube does:

Thursday, January 08, 2009

DJ Tomekk - Return of Hip Hop (2001)

One of the better German-American collaborations: DJ Tomekk's debut album "Return of Hip Hop" featuring international heavy weights such as KRS-One, The GZA, Tony Touch and... Coolio.

DJ Tomekk - Return of Hip Hop (2001) - Rapidshare

DJ Tomekk - Return of HipHop - 2001 - German Rap - Rapidshare

1. Intro
2. Return Of Hip Hop (Ooh, Ooh) feat. KRS One, Torch, MC Rene
3. Legends (Rauch Was, Trink Was...) feat. Tony Touch
4. Missy Elliott "Hot Boyz (DJ Tomekk Radio Mix)"
5. Run It Selectah feat. Prezident Brown
6. The Genesis feat. Aphrodelics
7. Girls feat. Coolio
8. Backseat feat. Tikki Diamondz, Traft, Plattenpapzt, MC Spontan
9. Ich Lebe Für Hip Hop Teil 2: Juice Crew Saga 2001 feat. GZA, Curse, Prodigal Sunn, Stieber Twins
10. The Heat feat. Group Home
11. vs. Grandmaster Flash "1, 2, 3... Rhymes Galore" feat. Afrob, Flavor Flav, MC Rene
12. Temple Of Hip Hop feat. Torch
13. Blessed By God feat. Stone River
14. Fuck You feat. MC Serch
15. Kreislauf feat. Die Firma
16. Outro feat. Valerie & Sophie

If you googled

Ganstarap "dj tomekk return"

and found this Rapidshare link:


Passwort: www.ganstarap.blogspot.com

You should show some love to this blog. How much's a link?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Azad - Faust Des Nordwestens - The Instrumentals (2003)

It was the year 2003 when Azad confirmed his first studio album with the sophomore LP "Faust des Nordwestens" ("Fist of the North-West"): Deep lyrics, grimy battle bars, more elaborate producton than on "Leben".

Azad - Faust Des Nordwestens (2003) - Instrumentals - Rapidshare

You could google Azad - Faust Des Nordwestens - Rapidshare - Blog - .rar

It's 2009, and you could easily google The Instrumentals of Azad's second, and find this [RS] link:


Juice DVD - German Rap Video Classics (2005) - Rapidshare

Potentially long story story short: 21 Classic German Hip-hop/Rap Videos in DVD quality... without Parental Advisory -- and the fresh Google money key:
gives you...

Juice DVD - German Rap Video Classics (2005) - Rapidshare

Deutschrap Juice DVD German Rap Videos Classics (2005) Rapidshare Links

1 Fresh Familee Ahmet Gündüz (2:51)
2 Advanced Chemistry Fremd Im Eigenen Land (4:00)
3 Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt Wenn Es Nicht Hart Ist (4:17)
4 Beginner Die Kritik An Platten Kann Die Platten Der Kritik Nicht Ersetzen (4:43)
5 MC Rene Spüre Diesen Groove (3:25)
6 Cora E Schlüsselkind (3:44)
7 Blumentopf 6 Meter 90 (3:24)
8 Zeb.Roc.Ski & Stieber Twins B-Boys Revenge (3:22)
9 Spezializtz (feat. Afrob) Afrokalypse (4:37)
10 RAG Kopf Stein Pflaster (3:18)
11 Afrob & Ferris MC Reimemonster (3:22)
12 Eins, Zwo Hand Auf's Herz (3:46)
13 Beginner , Falk (2) , Ferris MC , Samy Deluxe , Dendemann , Illo 77 , Das Bo K2 (5:33)
14 Stieber Twins Schlangen Sind Giftig (3:40)
15 Plattenpapzt King Of Rap (4:06)
16 Curse (3) 10 Rap Gesetze (2:00)
17 Das Bo Türlich, Türlich (Sicher, Dicker) (3:30)
18 Creutzfeld & Jakob Fehdehandschuh (3:20)
19 Azad Napalm (3:53)
20 DJ Lifeforce Bundes-Rap-Publik-Toyland (3:38)
21 DJ Stylewarz Bitte Wer? (4:10)

Why cover all 16 Rapidshare direct links with TinyURL?
To make it more fun for the Googlebot.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Classic Juice magazine Blunder: Snoop D-O-Single-G

The 6th Juice magazine gives you Tha Dog on the cover, indeed.
That was back in the days. Nowadays, the Juice crew rocks the spot professionally...

Juice magazine cover - September/Oktober 1998

Juice Magazin Cover: September October 1998 - Snoop Dog

Sonny Rapidshare: The Best of Bushido (2007)

When German and other European hip-hop headzz think "Bushido", they don't think Japanese. The German Bushido, or as wikipedia puts it: Bushido (born Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi, September 28, 1978 in Bonn, Germany), is a German rapper. He also uses the pseudonym Sonny Black--if you googled:

Bushido - Das Beste (2007)

Bushido (Rapper) - Das Beste - Google Ripped

Bushido Das Best 2007 hotfilms .rar

...you'll likely google this site:

Where You Can Diretly Download The German Banger - Bushido Das Beste (The Best) - 2007

They don't have any Juice Magazin Ausgaben - Rapidshare Links, but a working link to Das Beste - Bushido's Best:

Juice magazine - Germany's Europe's No. 1 HipHop Magazine

Bushido - Juice Cover: Ausgabe 10/2008


With Best Regards: Die Fantastischen Vier - Fornika (2007)

ARD, ZDF, C&A. ORF, CO2 und USA. I'd rather google & watch Maria Damira. And speaking of googol: You couldn't googol Fanta Vier's Best of Album (1990-2005) at this time, if you are not fond of Torrents... despite the fact that The Best of Fantastischen Vier is, of course, very close to German Hip-Hop Infinity. Anyway, if you haven't had the pleasure yet, you could google DieFantastischenVier's latest chart-topping full-length album called "Fornika" (2007).

Fantastischen 4 - Fornika (2007)

Mehr Nehmen 3:58 Die Fantastischen Vier Fornika Pop
Ernten was wir Säen 4:14 Die Fantastischen Vier Fornika Pop
Einfach Sein 3:37 Die Fantastischen Vier Fornika German Rap
Yeah Yeah Yeah 3:47 Die Fantastischen Vier Fornika German Pop
Nikki War nie Weg 4:03 Die Fantastischen Vier Fornika Rap
Fornika 5:10 Die Fantastischen Vier Fornika Pop
Du mich Auch 3:00 Die Fantastischen Vier Fornika Hip-Hop
Mission Ypsilon 5:24 Die Fantastischen Vier Fornika Pop
Ichisichisichisich 4:11 Die Fanta Vier Fornika Hip-Pop
Einsam und zurückgezogen 2:12 Die Fanta 4 Fornika Rap
Flüchtig 5:14 Die Fantastischen Vier Fornika Pop
Du und Sie und Wir 3:20 Die Fanta Vier Fornika German Hip-Hop
Was Bleibt 5:41 Die Fantastischen Vier Fornika German Rap

Google Keys:

fantastischen vier fornika .rar peb.pl -torrents

You should thank Polish elite peb.pl for ripping this fine German hip-hop album so you can download it for free.


Monday, January 05, 2009

C-Block - General Population (1997)

Yet another very important and legendary German hiphop album! The album "General Population" is considered one of "the greatest German hip-hop albums ever". "General Population" features the hit singles "So Strung Out", "Summertime" and "Time Is Tickin' Away", and contains 9 other... 5%er tracks.

C-Block - General Population (1997)

Download C-Block General Population (Rapidshare)

01. Looking To The Sky
02. Time Is Tickin' Away
03. Round N Round
04. Everything's Good
05. Summertime
06. So Strung Out
07. Being Raised
08. Acapella Preston
09. Dem Bustas
10. My Life
11. Da Ghetto
12. Shake Dat Azz
13. Psycho

Google Key:

c-block general population mp3hits.cz .rar

...yields the following Rapidshare links:



Sunday, January 04, 2009

Curse - "Freiheit" Limited Edition (2008)

German MC Curse doesn't just name Nas as his big idol. Ever since "Freiheit" ("Freedom"), the Juice DVD Album of the Month October, even the biggest haters accept the fact that "The German Nas" is his... Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
But on a more serious note: "Freiheit" features mostly below-average guest appearances. No need to call out names, though.

Curse - "Freiheit" Ltd. Edition (2008)

Google "download keywords":

curse freiheit o2.pl

and you'll find the following (still working) Rapidshare link:


Prinz Pi - !Donnerwetter! (2006) Rapidshare

This 30-year-old conscious German MC called Prinz Pi released a true German Hip Hop Milestone in 2006: Orchestral production, 52 tracks, and stories about the fairy tale corporate hiphop industry wrapped up in middle age methaphores". In order to get it, though, you need to speak German & be German.

Prinz Pi - !Donnerwetter! (2006) -- Rapidshare

Prince Pi aka Prinz Pi Porno Donnerwetter Rapidshare Download

You could google these keys, or just try:


Saturday, January 03, 2009

Made for German lyrics: Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind - The Instrumentals

This is, of course, a totally off-topic post about "the better half of the underground group Jedi Mind Tricks, one of the most praised artists." Underground9 also shares the opinion that JMT wouldn't be as popular today if it weren't for Stoupe's outstanding work--thanks to Underground9's effort, you could enjoy 2 Volumes of some of Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind's best work... without them polarizing lyrics.

Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind -
The Instrumentals: Volume 1 (2007)

stoupe the enemy of mankind instrumentals jedi mind tricks underground9

You could download this Underground9 Exclusive -- even "Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind Instrumentals: Vol 2" -- if you copied and pasted these links were it don't belong:


Direct Rapidshare Links:



Azad - Leben (Instrumentals)

Iranian-German rapper Azad -- his actual Persian/Kurdish given name, means "Freedom" -- has been around for a while now. Ever since Azad's first offical solo album "Leben" ("Life"), released in 2001, he enjoys cult status in Germany and other great nations with a bullish hip-hop industry.
The whole album "Leben" is a true marvel, indeed. Now non-German-speaking heads can enjoy Azad's legendary effort without the hard choice of German words and special German rap techniques.

Azad - "Leben" (Instrumentals/2001)

azad leben instrumentals rapidshare megaupload download google 2001

01 - Gegen Den Strom
02 - Rapresentieren
03 - Hip Hop
04 - Nordwestschlagzeilen
05 - 1 Mann Armee
06 - Unaufhaltbar
07 - Leben
08 - Beat Kune-Do
09 - Da Underground
10 - Freiheit
11 - Therapie

It's sad that most of his ignorant fans don't have a clue...
How To Live... With Freedom.
They just google:

Azad Leben HipHop.hu

Then they copy and paste the rapidshare link, in this case,


where it don't belong and download Azad's "Leben Instrumentals" kostenlos (free) via Swiss-powered Rapidshare.

Sonst kannst du Azad ebenfalls gratis auf dem neuen Napster downloaden...

Friday, January 02, 2009

Sido - Ich und Meine Maske (Premium Edition) - Rapidshare Links

"Ich und Meine Maske" means "Me And My Mask" and is the third solo album by the German MC Sido. "Ich und Meine Maske" climbed straight to the very top in the German charts. "Ich und Meine Maske" features many fellow-artists such as Fler, Kitty Kat, Tony D, B-Tight, and Bass Sultan Hengzt (Premium Edition). Other special guests: his girlfriend Doreen Steinert, the comedian Mario Barth, Joe Rilla, Scooter (the band) who also produced the song "Beweg dein Arsch" ("Move your ass") and his former enemy: Azad.

Sido - Ich und Meine Maske
(Premium Edition, 2CD, 2008)

sido rapidshare.com

01. Intro
02. Wieder Zurück
03. Halt Dein Maul
04. Peilerman&Flow Teil 5
05. Ich&Meine Maske
06. Pack Schlägt Sich (feat. Azad)
07. Peilerman&Flow Teil 6
08. Augen Auf
09. Herz
10. Peilerman&Flow Teil 7
11. Strip Für Mich (feat. Kitty Kat)
12. Carmen
13. Peilerman&Flow Teil 8
14. Scheiss Drauf
15. Unser Leben (feat. FLER & Shizoe)
16. Nein! (feat. Doreen)
17. Schule (feat. Alpa Gun & Greckoe)
18. Jeder Kriegt Was Er Verdient (feat. Tony D)
19. Danke
20. Aggrokalypse (feat. B-Tight, FLER, Kitty Kat)

CD2: Premium Edition
01. Mario Barth Intro (feat. Mario Barth)
02. Ich Bin So Gaga (feat. Bass Sultan Hengzt)
03. Tage (feat. Pillath & Harris)
04. Beweg Dein Arsch (feat. Scooter, Kitty Kat & Tony D)
05. Wenn Die Bosse Reden (feat. B-Tight)
06. Ich Und Meine Katze (feat. Kitty Kat)
07. Deine Eltern
08. Kanacks&Hools (feat. Joe Rilla)
09. Meine Gang (feat. Die Sekte)
10. Halt Dein Maul (Remix) feat. Kitty Kat,Willii Murda & Automatikk)

Now Google & Peb.pl give you the following links to taste (download) the full-length double album "Sido - Ich und Meine Maske" in iPod-worthy MP3 quality.



UPDATE (May 18, 2009):

Most of the Sido Rapidshare Links are down. If you're looking for a working Rapidshare link, you'd have to google:




Thursday, January 01, 2009

Download Bushido - Heavy Metal Payback (2008)

The German Lichtgestalt-MC who goes by the name of Bushido is currently all over... with:

Bushido - Heavy Metal Payback (2CD Edition, 2008)

bushido heavy metal playback payback bonus extra version

CD 1:

1. Gangsta (4:08)
2. Hunde, die bellen, beissen nicht (4:03)
3. Paragraph 117 (4:03)
4. Die Traene faellt (feat. Nyze) (3:45)
5. Flug LH3516 (4:13)
6. Merk dir eins (3:44)
7. 4, 3, 2, 1 (Vielen Dank Aggro Berlin) (3:50)
8. Ching Ching (4:18)
9. Heavy Metal (feat. Kay One) (3:27)
10. Ich hoffe es geht dir gut (feat. Bizzy Montana) (4:04)
11. Bonnie und Clyde (feat. Cassandra Steen) (4:17)
12. Jenny (3:45)
13. Hai Life (3:54)
14. Es kommt wie es kommt (3:26)
15. Fuer immer jung (feat. Karel Gott) (4:30)
16. Rolling Stone (4:03)
17. Boomerang (3:55)


1. Apres Ski (3:42)
2. So Ghetto (4:16)
3. Kennst du die Stars (feat. Oliver Pocher) (3:09)
4. Hass (feat. Chakuza) (4:05)

If you googled such keys...

but were not getting relevant Bushido Rapidshare search results, you could just google these indexed links (temporarly).



And Thank the Raidrush.org -- without endorsing it.

Or you could google iTunes Bushido - Heavy Metal Payback - even Download Bushido Heavy Metal Playback (2CD Edition) or (Extra Bonus Version).

iTunes Store Top 2 Hip-Hop Albums: German Version

A certain Kanye West is currently in the top spot with Glow in the Dark Tour and 808s & Heartbreak. The #2 position belongs to Deichkind [ˈdaɪ̯çkɪnt] -- it literally means: Dike Kid -- a true German Hip-Hop band with major electronic elements formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1997. Deichkind's lyrics typically consist of irony and humor... German humor.
Anyway, you could get their current "Aushaengeschild", the album "Arbeit nervt" ("Labor sucks"), if you googled this link:


deichkind arbeit nervt cover image photo
And you could sample this rammsteiny Deichkind Video

Dynamite Deluxe - Deluxe Soundsystem Instrumentals (2000)

It's 2009. Time for some classic German hip-hop... without most of these German words.

First a little about these German Lugers Legends: Dynamite Deluxe is a German hip hop group representing Hamburg, consisting of MC Samy Deluxe, producer Tropf and DJ Dynamite. The name is a combo of DJ Dynamite & rapper Samy Deluxe.

In 1997, the Dynamite Deluxe released their first mixtape "Dynamite Deluxe Demo" -- an 8-track EP produced to be scarce, a true German hip-hop classic. Between the release of their first LP and Soundsystem followed in 2000, they produced several other EPs and mixtapes. Here's the hard-to-find instrumental version of Dynamite Deluxe's "Soundsystem" aka "Deluxe Beats"

Dynamite Deluxe - Soundsystem Instrumentals (2000)

Just google:

strictlybeats dynamite deluxe beats

Happy New Age Year