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Monday, January 05, 2009

C-Block - General Population (1997)

Yet another very important and legendary German hiphop album! The album "General Population" is considered one of "the greatest German hip-hop albums ever". "General Population" features the hit singles "So Strung Out", "Summertime" and "Time Is Tickin' Away", and contains 9 other... 5%er tracks.

C-Block - General Population (1997)

Download C-Block General Population (Rapidshare)

01. Looking To The Sky
02. Time Is Tickin' Away
03. Round N Round
04. Everything's Good
05. Summertime
06. So Strung Out
07. Being Raised
08. Acapella Preston
09. Dem Bustas
10. My Life
11. Da Ghetto
12. Shake Dat Azz
13. Psycho

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