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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great to be alive, fa shizzle!

A very special combination of music[, weed] and mobile phone can be encountered in the new vybemobile tv ad for german mobile provider e-plus.

After a concept and an idea by Berlin based Vybemobile lead agency Plantage Berlin, you can see US rap superstar Snoop Dogg singing a song by late german pop singer Roy Black. His interpretation of the Roy Black hit “Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein” (it’s great to be alive) is very humorous cause during his lifetime Roy Black, who died in 1991, was a very controversial person - loved by the older and conservative german population and hated by the youth.

Source: Berlinista


(Take a break after 1 minute and 47 seconds)

The music video we directed for the Grouch’s new single “Artsy” is [...] a Youtube burner, hilarious lyrics & animations. Shot entirely green screen and treated in only the most Artsy of ways. We got to imitate our favorite Artsy spots and touch upon all the cliche's of hip design. To further our social experiment in Artsyness we ask you to watch the Youtube version and order the hires [Yardwork] from Itunes next week. ~Buildestroy.com

Friday, April 18, 2008

Oldschool German Hip-hop Docu (1989)

Mixery Raw Deluxe and Imperial Nation Berlin present: ENTERPRISE TV feat. DJ DEREZON, Berliner Aerosol Art Legend ADRIAN NABI aka ADRIAN A.M., die EMPIRE STATE BREAKERS mit HARRY DEE., Die FIVE CITY ROCKERS mit Crazy G., Die Maler DANE & SHEK von der TCF / 156 CREW, DJ CRIZZ an den 1210ern, THE ALLIANCE im Studio, PARTNERS OF CRIME, und die WHEELS OF STEEL CREW.

Watch this movie at SchwänzenGäng's

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Google China: "German Rap Video goes Anal Watch that Video"

Still much love from all non-german Google sites, including communist Google.CN -- at least for "Deutschrap". Search term "German rap"? This one made the Top 5 10er Bloecke:

German Rap Video goes Anal - FreeOnes Bulletin Board - [ 翻译此页 BETA ]
German Rap Video goes Anal Watch that Video. ... FreeOnes Bulletin Board > Freeones > Watch that Video · Reload this Page German Rap Video goes Anal ...
board.????????.com/showthread.php?t=139858 - 62k - 类似网页

Friday, April 11, 2008

As Deutschrap as it gets?

Scotty 76 -- Backspin's fresh April coverheld.

Also featured in Backspin #93:
Atom One, Alpa Gun, K.I.Z., SAE Jam Session – The Grand Finale, Olli Banjo, Casper, Franky Kubrick, Drei Glorreiche Halunken, and Favorite

Reason to battle

This fresh documentary focuses on five of the finalist teams sent to the Battle of the Year in Germany, an international b-boy ("breakdancing") competition where the world's best b-boy team is crowned. For the uninitiated, the doc starts with an overview of hip-hop and b-boying in particular as one of the four legs of hip-hop culture (tagging, scratching, rapping and b-boying) along with its evolution. Then we be taken into an overview of the Battle of the Year competition.

"The term b-boy identifies hip-hop-obsessed dancers who have devoted themselves to breakdancing. Today, that word holds currency in a number of languages, and Benson Lee’s Planet B-Boy [Watch the trailer] follows French, Japanese, Korean and American dance crews from their home countries to a global competition in Braunshweig, Germany."
~Reason Magazine

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sieg Bushido

Crest powers rapper Bushido to victory

Germany - Rap star Bushido savoured the taste of a dual victory at Germany's 17th Echo Awards, held in Berlin last month. Billed as the Teutonic Grammys, the Echos are considered to be one of the most important music prizes in Europe. Rubbing shoulders with international prize-winners such as James Blunt, Linkin Park, 50 Cent and Nelly Furtado, Bushido was voted Best Domestic Live Act and Best Domestic Artist R&B/Hip-Hop for the third time running.

Something of a national icon in Germany by virtue of his controversial lyrics and colourful live presence, Bushido has recently finished a sold-out tour supplied by premier German live production specialists, Complete Audio, Berlin. The rider specified a Martin Audio line array driven by Crest Audio Pro8200 and 9200 amplifiers.
Bushido has been working with Complete Audio for all his recent tours. According to Complete Audio's project manager André Rauhut, the combination of a Crest Audio-driven Martin Audio line array system complete with XTA control was precisely what was required to deliver Bushido's powerful, energetic rap show. "I love the dynamic and crystal clear sound of the Crest Pro200 amps. They offer plenty of headroom for Bushido's muscular groove."
(Jim Evans) (1 April 2008)

Source: LSIOnline