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Friday, April 11, 2008

Reason to battle

This fresh documentary focuses on five of the finalist teams sent to the Battle of the Year in Germany, an international b-boy ("breakdancing") competition where the world's best b-boy team is crowned. For the uninitiated, the doc starts with an overview of hip-hop and b-boying in particular as one of the four legs of hip-hop culture (tagging, scratching, rapping and b-boying) along with its evolution. Then we be taken into an overview of the Battle of the Year competition.

"The term b-boy identifies hip-hop-obsessed dancers who have devoted themselves to breakdancing. Today, that word holds currency in a number of languages, and Benson Lee’s Planet B-Boy [Watch the trailer] follows French, Japanese, Korean and American dance crews from their home countries to a global competition in Braunshweig, Germany."
~Reason Magazine