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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great to be alive, fa shizzle!

A very special combination of music[, weed] and mobile phone can be encountered in the new vybemobile tv ad for german mobile provider e-plus.

After a concept and an idea by Berlin based Vybemobile lead agency Plantage Berlin, you can see US rap superstar Snoop Dogg singing a song by late german pop singer Roy Black. His interpretation of the Roy Black hit “Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein” (it’s great to be alive) is very humorous cause during his lifetime Roy Black, who died in 1991, was a very controversial person - loved by the older and conservative german population and hated by the youth.

Source: Berlinista


(Take a break after 1 minute and 47 seconds)

The music video we directed for the Grouch’s new single “Artsy” is [...] a Youtube burner, hilarious lyrics & animations. Shot entirely green screen and treated in only the most Artsy of ways. We got to imitate our favorite Artsy spots and touch upon all the cliche's of hip design. To further our social experiment in Artsyness we ask you to watch the Youtube version and order the hires [Yardwork] from Itunes next week. ~Buildestroy.com