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Sunday, March 23, 2008

When it comes to big time major-league bullshit

...Religion takes the cake: Da Easter bunny hides funny eggs on this 1X,000-year-old planet while Elvis Jesus impersonators do their thing on da pagan cross, and the masses stuff their ohnehin schon fat faces, get high on sugar, coffein, and alcohol.

The only thing that makes sense on Easter is the fact that the markets are closed: sheeple are not able to trade stocks and Forex because the financial industry is full of conservative Christians ... like George Dubya:

Bush Meets Pope Benedict for the First Time
Published: June 9, 2007
VATICAN CITY, June 9 — President Bush met today for the first time with Pope Benedict XVI, a religious conservative like the American president ...


US Deaths in Iraq Approach 4,000
Mar 22, 7:07 PM (ET)
BAGHDAD (AP) - A roadside bomb killed three American soldiers north of Baghdad on Saturday, pushing the U.S. death toll in the five-year conflict to nearly 4,000.


Pope Baptizes Prominent Italian Muslim

Mar 22 09:24 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

VATICAN CITY (AP) - Italy's most prominent Muslim, an iconoclastic writer who condemned Islamic extremism and defended Israel, converted to Catholicism Saturday in a baptism by the pope at a Vatican Easter service.


Ho-ly shit!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The 100th Post

No recap, no Top 10 list, just a link to a must-see documentary called:

Drop Top Benzie Mixed Tape

Mercedes-Benz launches Mixed Tape Music Magazine

The Mixed Tapes project from Mercedes Benz has proven to be very successful ever since it launched in 2004, as more than 2,5 million users around the world have downloaded over 28 million songs so far. {...} The half-hour Mixed Tape Music Magazine features videos, album reviews and profiles of newcomers and established artists - with a different theme for every show. The first Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape Music Magazine air[ed] on 28 February 2008 and puts the spotlight on “modern vintage”.

Viva la corporate marketing!

Video: Forensikk "Sex fists"

Back on the set. Watch girl's pussies get wet wet wet wet wet. Drip drip drip drip, drop drop drop drop. Hip-hop you just can't stop stop stop stop -- one of those ... in German:

Actual YouTube tags: "porno rap ballern [balling} bumsen [fucking] bitches aggro killah pussy schwänze [dicks] alles man hip hop deutsch rap"

Videos: Berlin Graffiti

> S-Bahn Berlin - Diashow 2007 | Berlin Graffiti

> Graffiti in Berlin, Germany. Featured in the movie "Color-marked"

German Hoochie MC Tydra Bangs

- Straight outta prison

- Based in Berlin

- Raps in German

- One English song
("Get Dirty in the USA)

- Nice hooters

- MySpacerIn

Germany: Full of Nazi MCs?

Bow, wow, wow! No wonder people (who couldn't even find Germany on a map) think German Rap is full of alien-hating swastika MCs with like-minded fans ... fuck 'em! (Certain polarizing media people, that is ... they don't use this: Deutschrap mit Gehirn)


Lizas Welt examines a German rap scene that increasingly spews Jew-hatred, extols terrorist attacks, and idolizes Osama bin Laden. [...] Threats of violence are, in any case, commonplace among rivals in the German rap scene. Among Massiv’s most adamant foes, for instance, is the Stuttgart-based rapper Bözemann [roughly, “Badman”], who likes to appear in the persona of an armed Albanian guerrilla fighter and who makes a point of his Muslim faith, as does Massiv.

In other news:

German Economists Rap Minimum-Wage Plans, Handelsblatt Reports

By Andreas Cremer

March 13 (Bloomberg) -- Germany's main economic institutes made a joint plea against the government's plans to introduce minimum wages, saying the move would lead to "considerable'' job losses, Handelsblatt reported. [...] Implementing further minimum wages ``would damage the foundations of the successful system of the market-economic order,'' Handelsblatt quoted seven institute leaders.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fat German Lesbians

Straight outta Hamburg, Germany

DJ TomeKKK ueber alles

German hip-hop artist thrown off reality show over Hitler salute

By The Associated Press
Tags: Nazi, Germany, RTL Television

A hip-hop artist was thrown off the German reality TV show Jungle Camp for giving the stiff-armed Hitler salute to the cameras, RTL television said Wednesday.

DJ Tomekk, a 31-year-old Polish-born disc jockey who lives in Berlin, was thrown off the show on Tuesday night, the television network said in a statement. [...] On RTL's Web site, however, he is quoted as saying that he was anything but xenophobic.

"I haven't seen the video personally and don't know what's on it (but) I have heard through a third party that there is allegedly a Hitler salute on it," he was quoted as saying. "There's no way I can explain this at the moment. Particularly not as anything meant seriously."

Giving the Hitler salute is illegal in Germany, but since the video was shot in Australia, it was unclear whether Tomekk could face any legal repercussions.

Source: Haaretz.com

Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is Fler

Patrick Losensky goes by the name of Fler, Baujahr 1982. He's a bastard child, and did not rap at all till his early 20s, starting his rapping career later in life. He has been accused of nationalist views, because of his lyrics in songs like "Neue Deutsche Welle" (New German Wave [allusion to the so called "Neue Deutsche Welle" in the 1980s]) and "Das hier ist schwarz, rot, gold - hart und stolz" (This is black, red, gold - hard and proud).
After co-hosting the 2007 MTV TRL:Urban show, Fler was attacked by three unknown men armed with knives. He survived unharmed. Fler is down with the music label Aggro Berlin, with whom he released a number of hit singles. Among them, "Neue Deutsche Welle", which peaked at 9th position on the German Top 100 charts.

German breakdancing, B-boy, Deutschrap, German hip-hop

Friday, March 07, 2008

Censored German rap!

German hip hop is more diverse than its squeaky clean reputation suggests. The German counterparts to the likes of Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes used to be middle-class white boys in baseball caps. But not any more. In the 1980s, while hard-hitting line-ups like Public Enemy were giving mainstream America sleepless nights during the golden age of hip hop, German rap was a movement still very much in its infancy. [...] German hip hoppers were finally getting the message. The growing self-confidence of its immigrant population as well as an inexorable spiral into economic depression went hand-in-hand with a burgeoning subculture that finally identified with young, black America.

Ten years later, the brand of quirky social criticism peddled by well-meaning white rappers with a penchant for a nice bassline has been replaced by an altogether edgier genre. [..] in Berlin's run-down high-rises, where it's been reclaimed by kids who know at least as much about inner-city deprivation as Snoop Dog does.

Artists such as Sido and Bushido, who share the Aggro Berlin label, deal with sex, drugs and violence, and have even been censored by the BPjM, Berlin's Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons. That hasn't stopped them amassing a vast and loyal following of fans -- many of whom have far-right political sympathies. The racist content sets it apart from US rap, but in many other ways, performers such as Bushido -- who is half-Tunisian -- are unmistakably taking their cues state-side.

Former member of hip hop combo Anarchist Academy and the author of several specialist books, Hannes Loh accuses this new generation of rappers of fuelling cultural stand-offs. "Bushido styles himself as the typical aggressive Arab, confirming precisely the stereotypes the majority of Germans expect from Arabs and Turks," he said. "Basically that all they do is deal drugs, take cocaine and beat their women." Loh thinks it's right that much of this music has been censored, but says it's symptomatic of deep-rooted social problems.

"They're victims themselves," he said. "They have no education and no jobs. All they have is a big mouth."

Source: Deutsche Welle

Monday, March 03, 2008

Classic German Hip-hop II

Cora E.

- from Kiel, Germany
- former nurse
- aka Zulu-Queen
- born in 1968
- real name: Sylvia Macco

1993 - Swift (zusammen mit Marius No.1, Sampler Kill the Nation with a Groove), Buback
1993 - Könnt ihr mich hör’n / Ich geh ins Ziel (Maxi mit Marius No. 1), Buback
1994 - Nur ein Teil der Kultur (Maxi mit DJ Marius No. 1), Buback
1996 - Keep Shit raw / Fenster zum Hof (Maxi feat. Taino Tactix und den Stieber Twins), MZEE
1996 - Schlüsselkind (Maxi), MZEE
1996 - Schlüsselkind Remixe, MZEE

1998 - CORAgE (CD), EMI
1998 - … und der MC ist weiblich (LP), MZEE
1998 - … und der MC ist weiblich Instrumental (DLP), MZEE
1998 - Zeig es mir (Maxi mit Curse), EMI
1998 - Die Uhr tickt (Album: Geheimrezept - Jazzkantine), RCA
1998 - Queen of the City (Track feat. ZORA, Album Chill - AOH Family), Wrecked Records
1999 - Hija (Maxi mit Brixx und Sabrina Setlur), 3p
2000 - Bonnie und Clyde (Maxi mit Moses Pelham), 3p
2001 - ...noch Fragen?, Universal
2001 - Queen of the City (s.o.), Deck 8 / Zomba
2003 - Könnt ihr mich hör’n / Ich geh ins Ziel (1. Maxi mit Marius No.1 Reissue), Chiefrocker
2004 - Non Stop (Track mit vielen anderen auf dem Album Geteiltes Leid II von Moses Pelham)
2005 - Fragen (Track auf dem Album Threeshot von J-Luv), Amadea

Classic German Hip-Hop

Advanced Chemistry

Advanced Chemistry is a German hip hop group from Baden-Württemberg, South Germany. Advanced Chemistry was founded in 1987 by Toni L, Linguist, Gee-One, DJ Mike MD (Mike Dippon) and MC Torch. Nowadays, it is said that the original members of the Advanced Chemistry are the pioneers of German HipHop, although another hip hop band called "Die Fantastischen Vier" has dropped two singles and one album on a major label in 1991.
Influenced by North American conscious rap and the Native tongues movement, the central subjects of Advanced Chemistry's lyrics were politically and intellectually motivated and focused mainly on their identity as Germans of foreign descent and the status of hip hop around the world.

Like Water for Chocolate Brownies

The Heidelberg based hip-hop band Advanced Chemistry rose to fame with the song “Fremd im eigenen Land” in the early 1990s, and Torch, Linguist and Toni L are since regarded as German hip-hop legends. “My passport’s green, with a golden eagle on it”, is one of the lines in the song, which breaks with rigid conceptions about what should be considered German. Representative for many migrants and Afro-Germans, the band offers resistance to being verbally maltreated as soon as one looks as if one might come “from somewhere else”. The music video reenacts everyday scenes which are exemplary for the decades long denial of the fact that Germany is an immigration country.
Advanced Chemistry was among the very first bands to rap in German. The band introduced the term “Afro-German” into the hip-hop context, and this term was also at the core of their political message. Influenced by American artists such as Melle Mel, KRS-ONE or Public Enemy, they became a standard to the young hip-hop scene in Germany when it comes to technique, rhyme and beat. In their texts, they point to existing grievances such as the increasing exclusion of minorities and the spread of rightwing radicalism. However, their form of hip-hop could not establish itself in the musical mainstream, so that by the mid nineties, people were mostly talking about “Deutschrap” – as the music of the “majority society”. This “Deutsch-rap” model structured rap music along ethnical lines, contrary to the image the scene had of itself. By creating their own structures, Advanced Chemistry tried to escape from being pocketed. In the meantime, racist, homophobic appropriations in a hip-hop context are making the headlines. With “Fremd im eigenen Land”, Advanced Chemistry protests against the structural and factual violence of which this development is also indicative.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ich kenne nichts

Artist: RZA f/ Xavier Naidoo
Album: The World According to RZA

[Intro: RZA]
You know they say
In every man's life, there comes a time
When you get struck by the arrow of cupid
By the love of God, or the beauty of a woman
Sometimes this love, brings thunder into your life
And it brings the storm, sing about it

[Xavier Naidoo]
There is more to love than this
Love is more than just a kiss
Will we take you to that step
Will we do more than just connect
And will you, bring the thunder in my life
And the fire in my eyes
Cause then there, will be days of pleasure and
Everything far will be so near

[Hook: Xavier Naidoo]
I have never felt thunder (thunder)
And lighting (lightning) like this
I have never been struck by (struck by)
A wonder (a wonder) like this

Source: OHHLA