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Sunday, March 16, 2008

DJ TomeKKK ueber alles

German hip-hop artist thrown off reality show over Hitler salute

By The Associated Press
Tags: Nazi, Germany, RTL Television

A hip-hop artist was thrown off the German reality TV show Jungle Camp for giving the stiff-armed Hitler salute to the cameras, RTL television said Wednesday.

DJ Tomekk, a 31-year-old Polish-born disc jockey who lives in Berlin, was thrown off the show on Tuesday night, the television network said in a statement. [...] On RTL's Web site, however, he is quoted as saying that he was anything but xenophobic.

"I haven't seen the video personally and don't know what's on it (but) I have heard through a third party that there is allegedly a Hitler salute on it," he was quoted as saying. "There's no way I can explain this at the moment. Particularly not as anything meant seriously."

Giving the Hitler salute is illegal in Germany, but since the video was shot in Australia, it was unclear whether Tomekk could face any legal repercussions.

Source: Haaretz.com