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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Coolio's Gropstas Paradise

The westside version of Flava Flav, a winning bully named Coolio, did the German version of a funky little reality TV series called Big Brother. The rapper, who has offended some of his fellow housemates with his scandalous conduct, made an equally bad impression when he appeared on Desperate Comeback - Die Grosse Chance, in which yesterday's popstars compete to win a new record deal.
It's supposedly the same Coolio, who's built in Compton, California, in 1963... who's a Grammy Award-winning rapper and actor. And you know him from the 1995 hit single "Gangsta's Paradise", which appeared on the infamous soundtrack for the movie Dangerous Minds.
Coolio's featured on DJ Tomekk's 2001 LP "Return of Hiphop", but if you really want some dope Westcoast beats, you could google...

Straight Outta Compton Samples Nottingham

N.W.A - Straight Outta Compton - The Originals

NWA - Straight Outta Compton - The Original Samples - DJ Big Texas Mix

Thank Kevin Nottingham for this working Megaupload link... and DJ Big Texas for the "orignal" mix :)