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Friday, January 09, 2009

The First Single: Sido - Mein Block Remix Instrumentals (2004)

Who the fuck is Sido? A worthy German rapstar whose work is released by the notorious German record label Aggro Berlin.
Sido's provocative and aggressive lyrics, and his trademark silver skull mask make him stand out like... a green hat with an orange bill. The artist name "Sido" is an abbreviation -- "super intelligentes Drogenopfer“ ("super intelligent drug victim“). However, many baby boomers still feel his "backronym": "Scheiße in dein Ohr“ (Shit into your ear).

Sido - Mein Block Rmx Instrumentals - Rapidshare

Sido Mein Block downloaden - Remix Instrumental Version

You could google Sido's very first Single - at least the instrumental version:

Sido - Mein Block Remix - Instrumentals

and find this link:


You can find "Strip Fuer Mich (Instrumental)" and "Scheiss Drauf (Instrumental)" on the 2CD Bonus Premium Edition of Sido - "Ich und Meine Maske" (2008) exclusively... meaning: Google don't got it. YouTube does: