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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Made for German lyrics: Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind - The Instrumentals

This is, of course, a totally off-topic post about "the better half of the underground group Jedi Mind Tricks, one of the most praised artists." Underground9 also shares the opinion that JMT wouldn't be as popular today if it weren't for Stoupe's outstanding work--thanks to Underground9's effort, you could enjoy 2 Volumes of some of Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind's best work... without them polarizing lyrics.

Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind -
The Instrumentals: Volume 1 (2007)

stoupe the enemy of mankind instrumentals jedi mind tricks underground9

You could download this Underground9 Exclusive -- even "Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind Instrumentals: Vol 2" -- if you copied and pasted these links were it don't belong:


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