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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eins Zwo - Gefaehrliches Halbwissen (1999)

"Gefaehrliches Halbwissen" was released in May 1999. Now after almost 10 years, this album is highly regarded -- yet another classic piece of German hip-hop culture. This is what wikipedia says about this Pre-2000 German hip-hop duo:

Eins Zwo ("One Two") was a German hip hop group from Hamburg, consisting of DJ Rabauke (Thomas Jensen) and MC Dendemann (Daniel Ebel). Rabauke produced his first music with his 'Projekt an der Grenze'. He however, was before Eins Zwo more known for his work as tour DJ with the group Fettes Brot. Dendemann was formerly mostly associated with his work as a member of the 'Vorgruppe Arme Ritter'.

BTW, "Gefaehrliches" means "Dangerous", "Wissen" means "Knowledge" and "Halb" means "Half".

And if you googled the following keyword:

Eins Zwo - Gefährliches Halbwissen (1999)

Eins Zwo - Gefaehrliches Halbwissen downloaden mit Rapidshare

and added your favorite Rapidshare keyword, you'd find the following Rapidshare link in the the number Eins or Zwo spot.