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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Azad - Leben (Instrumentals)

Iranian-German rapper Azad -- his actual Persian/Kurdish given name, means "Freedom" -- has been around for a while now. Ever since Azad's first offical solo album "Leben" ("Life"), released in 2001, he enjoys cult status in Germany and other great nations with a bullish hip-hop industry.
The whole album "Leben" is a true marvel, indeed. Now non-German-speaking heads can enjoy Azad's legendary effort without the hard choice of German words and special German rap techniques.

Azad - "Leben" (Instrumentals/2001)

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01 - Gegen Den Strom
02 - Rapresentieren
03 - Hip Hop
04 - Nordwestschlagzeilen
05 - 1 Mann Armee
06 - Unaufhaltbar
07 - Leben
08 - Beat Kune-Do
09 - Da Underground
10 - Freiheit
11 - Therapie

It's sad that most of his ignorant fans don't have a clue...
How To Live... With Freedom.
They just google:

Azad Leben HipHop.hu

Then they copy and paste the rapidshare link, in this case,


where it don't belong and download Azad's "Leben Instrumentals" kostenlos (free) via Swiss-powered Rapidshare.

Sonst kannst du Azad ebenfalls gratis auf dem neuen Napster downloaden...