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Monday, November 19, 2007

Still Dynamite Deluxe

Dynamite Deluxe is still a German hip hop group hailing from Hamburg, consisting of the MC Samy Deluxe, producer Tropf and producer/DJ Dynamite (alias Joni Rewind). The name is a combination of DJ Dynamite and Samy Deluxe.
In 1997, the trio released their first mixtape "Dynamite Deluxe Demo", which was an 8-track EP produced in a very small amount but can still be heard on the EP "The Classic Vinyl Files". Between the release of their first and final album Deluxe Soundsystem followed in 2000, they produced several other EPs and mixtapes. Although Samy Deluxe left the group in early 2001, DJ Dynamite and Tropf still work together and run the label Hamburgs Finest with him.
The group was awarded an ECHO in the category "Best Hip-Hop/R&B National" in 2001.
There is a comeback planned for January 2008. (wiki)

A true gem: "Gruene Brille" (2000):