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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Who this be tha Bi Ba Butzemann?

I shake, rattle, roll
now this club's about to blow
while selector takes charge
I come from the soul
Down deep rhythm cuts the mere mortals
but see - I'm god of this ring
or should I say the reigning king
Here I stand
the Bee Bah Bootse Man
the sheriff of discotheque
enforce the law of this land
lights flashing, bodies clashing
dodging non-clipper fighters
I'm on top, not for the cash
let 'em know, huh!
I'm not the one to sleep on
no enemy can see dawn
I see them all as pawns
come strong with tactic and skill
damage them in the first and the second rounds
the third I go for the kill
See this battle's for real
in the eyes of the contender
ring the alarm -
next man up
in no time the last man
set ass pan fire
hit men for hire
Crowd's getting hyper now
I feel the level rise
can you take the pressure
coming down to do or die
adrenaline but no sweating
a little vexed, never stress
I flip and vent relentless
With windmill assaults
your shield level defaults
your defenses collapse
you can't deal with the attack
Bee Bah Bootse Man come down