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Friday, July 04, 2008

German Rap, Hitler's Volkswagen & cWhoring

Volkswagen, brought to you by Hitler, announced at Wörthersee (close to Braunau, Austria:) the start of a partnership made in heaven: Europe's largest car maker is going to pimp Fanta4, Germany's #1 hip-hop brand till 2010! Die Fantastischen Vier agreed to engage in utter corporate whoring ... at various Volkswagen rallies events.

But seriously, The Volkswagen Sound Foundation Tax Shelter & Goodwill Builder has also been profiting lately from the four German hip-hop MCs’ years of experience. Smudo & Co. mentor young wanna-be artists and up-and-coming bands when they take their first steps in show business with Volkswagen.

Volkswagen, like many other "savvy fictitious persons", has been established in the global music scene for a long time--Die Fantastischen Vier join a long list of world stars global brands like the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Seal ... and Bon Mofockin' Jovi.
Happy Indpendence day!
Happy "Independence" Day!