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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bushido - Gay for that American Gangsta image - Nazis love it!

One of Germany's foremost spinning machines, Der Spiegel, did a piece on German hip-hop/rap & hate crimes against homosexuals -- mos def not because it became a sudden problem in Germany last year. The trend has been brewing for a while. Insulting "fags" is not just an old theme in American rap ("Your mother, you fuckin' faggot" ~Eminem)--surprisingly, Germany has always been full of fag-bashing, but the new "hardcore style" has caught fire ... e.g., Bushido posing as American gangster (Check the accent!), and nevermind Galatasaray Rapper Kool Savas, who wrote fag-bashing bars in the 90s. "Bushido now reaches so many more people. He's a phenomenon, he really is. He's the most popular rapper in German history". Even Neo-Nazis digg the shit of this half-Tunisian German MC ... who supposedly hates Nazis. G-G-Gay Unit!