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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ohne Worte: Snowgoons - The Snowgoons Instrumentals (2009)

Finally, 2 compact discs full of pure Snowgoons frequencies. This renowned German production team is storming the USA! Their body of work comprises of the upper echelon of independent talent such as Defari, Smif N Wessun, Sean Price, Killah Priest, ILL, Bill(Non-Phixion & LA Coka Nostra), Outerspace & many more. Now for the first time their entire instrumental catalog is available in this special 2-disc configuration. Nuff Amazon speak...

Snowgoons - The Snowgoons Instrumentals (2009)

Download The Snowgoons Instrumentals with Rapidshare?


01. Heads Or Tails
02. Never
03. Gunz
04. Teacher's Trademark
05. No Guts No Glory
06. German Lugers
07. Black Woods
08. Real World
09. Show Love
10. Man Of The Year
11. It's Yours
12. Nothin' You Say
13. No Man's Land
14. Offensive Lineup
15. Wait A Minute


01. The Curse
02. Black Snow
03. Casualties of War
04. Who?
05. This Is Where The Fun Stops
06. Hold Up
07. Starlight
08. Knockatomi Plaza
09. Pay Attention
10. Serve Justice
11. Still Got The Ammo
12. Ride On
13. Incite A Riot
14. Lost
15. Still Waters Run Deep
16. Raining
17. Sick Life
18. The Storm
19. Avalanche Warning
20. The Hatred
21. Helpless

Could you hit up google with the following keywords:

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and find the following rapidshare link?



Leaked Masterpiece: Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind - Decalogue (2009)

Despite the fact that Stoupe ain't got shit to do with deutschrap, he deserves at least a single post on this any hip-hop blog... because the legendary Jedi Mind Tricks producer and beatmeister prepares the March 31st 2009 release of his highly anticipated debut solo release some already call a true hip-hop masterpiece.

For over a decade, and through 6 hit underground albums, Stoupe has been creating sonic backdrops for Vinnie Paz's unique brand of hardcore lyricism.

It's about time, Stoupe stepped out on his own with "Decalogue" and created one of the first few must haves in 2009, or how underground9.blogspot.com calls it, "a modern masterpiece. Crafted with an exacting eye towards maintaining the balance that has made his production style instantly recognizable the world over (and has inspired an entire sub-genre of imitators and impersonators), Decalogue is the long-awaited producer album from one of underground hip-hop's best."

Pairing up with "appropriate indie MCs" from across the hip-hop spectrum, such as Slaine (La Coka Nostra), M.O.P., Saigon, Joell Ortiz, Outerspace, the Army of the Pharaohs fam & more, Stoupe truly expands the scope of indie hip-hop with this album.

Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind - Decalogue (2009)

Download Stope the Enemy of Mankind - Decalogue - One-Click Rapidshare Link

1. Allison James Feat. Slaine
2. When The Sun Goes Down Feat. Saigon
3. Evil Deeds Feat. Demoz, Des Devious & Jus Allah
4. The Truth Feat. Supastition
5. That's Me Feat. Joell Ortiz
6. The Torch Feat. King Magnetic & Reef the Lost Cauze
7. Speak Easy Feat. Outerspace
8. Transition of Power Feat. M.O.P.
9. Independence Day Feat. Block McCloud
10. Find A Way Feat. Lorrie Doriza

If you can't wait till Tuesday, March 31, you could google the suspect usual keys and get the following Rapidshare Link:


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pures Dis From Samy Deluxe: Dis Wo Ich Herkomm (2009)

In case you came to dis blog to read a sleazy paragraph about the latest German charts, you won't feel like you've just been spammed: Cassandra Steen, born February 9, 1980, is a German singer, songwriter and backing vocalist. Hopefully, you don't know her from the trio Glashaus. Even if you do, be reminded that the top spot in "Amazon Musik Bestellers > Rap&Hiphop" belongs to real mainstream... rap & hiphop. So this won't last for much longer, because dis is about to drop.

Samy Deluxe - Dis Wo Ich Herkomm (2009)

Samy Deluxe (not known as Sammy Deluxe) - Dis Wo Ich Herkomm - Rapidshare

Sam Semillia aka Wickeda MC aka Sam Semillia is about to do it again. The album will be available on March 27, 2009, and kick dis R&Butt...
"Dis Wo Ich Herkomm" (ohne T-Shirt) is currently in the No.2 spot. They call it vorbestellbar! And "Dis Wo Ich Herkomm" mit T-Shirt is in the No. 3 spot--btw: Thou shall not fuck with Hamburg, new Germany:

Monday, March 16, 2009

German Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Sorry to disappoint you: this is not a post about a German Slumdog Millionaire movie. Not even about the original motion picture... a fine movie, but that's where it stops. How about that hot chick -- google Freida Pinto Photos!? Although you can't hear her on the Slumdog Millionaire movie soundtrack... you could google:

Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack (2008)

slumdog millionaire ost rapidshare

slumdog millionaire rapidshare blogspot

...and not abuse this rapidshare link: