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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pures Dis From Samy Deluxe: Dis Wo Ich Herkomm (2009)

In case you came to dis blog to read a sleazy paragraph about the latest German charts, you won't feel like you've just been spammed: Cassandra Steen, born February 9, 1980, is a German singer, songwriter and backing vocalist. Hopefully, you don't know her from the trio Glashaus. Even if you do, be reminded that the top spot in "Amazon Musik Bestellers > Rap&Hiphop" belongs to real mainstream... rap & hiphop. So this won't last for much longer, because dis is about to drop.

Samy Deluxe - Dis Wo Ich Herkomm (2009)

Samy Deluxe (not known as Sammy Deluxe) - Dis Wo Ich Herkomm - Rapidshare

Sam Semillia aka Wickeda MC aka Sam Semillia is about to do it again. The album will be available on March 27, 2009, and kick dis R&Butt...
"Dis Wo Ich Herkomm" (ohne T-Shirt) is currently in the No.2 spot. They call it vorbestellbar! And "Dis Wo Ich Herkomm" mit T-Shirt is in the No. 3 spot--btw: Thou shall not fuck with Hamburg, new Germany: