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Monday, February 16, 2009

German Rap Video with Heart: Sido - Herz

Even if you're numb and suicidal: Du musst auf dein Herz hoeren -- "hoeren" means "to listen". You know that's easy, because you can sit still, listen to German rappers and watch German rap vidz

Sido - Herz (2008) - Official Video

If you want more than just another one of these low quality streaming German hip-hop vidz, you could google:

Sido Herz 2008 instrumental

You'd realize that most Rapidshare Links don't work. No surprise. But then you'd browse the 2nd Google search results page and find your friendly neighbors. Peace to Poland and peb.pl:

Sido - Herz (2008) - Single - Rapidshare

Sido Herz - Fuck da Arschficksong

01. herz (original) - 04:28
02. herz (instrumental) - 04:29