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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Deutschrap and Euro 2008

Ain't related? Think again. There's a YouTube playlist called "2008 UEFA Euro 2008", and the original idea is to have one WAG or geile bitch from every single country that participates and kick off a Euro 2008 Lesbian Orgy hip-hop video for each single country that participates in the UEFA Euro 2008 co-hosted by Austria and Switzerland.
The 16 countries are: Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic, Croatia, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Romania, Netherlands, and Germany:

Olli Banjo - "Deutschland"

Then there is that Lichtgestalt who goes by the name of J-Klinsmann. He's currently one of the biggest promoters of German hip-hop. Germany's Fussballer-der-Herzen-Maker emailed his former fairy tale pals a special attachment: The inspiring "Euro 2008 Rap" called "Nummer 4".

Although we all know who's NOT going to win the Euro 2008 (i.e. Germany) Klinsmann's endorsement should make Deutschrap, or at least the rap group Kunstrasen, even more populaer. The mainstream media's picked up on this (because it's a slow news week -- who cares about the Bilderberger meeting!) so chances are: Kunstrasen's Nummer 4 could be Germany's corny Euro 2008 pre-game locker room theme song: "Attention Europe: Football ain't no poker, the best one gets the pot, and who's gonna be it is clear: Germany!" Like Xavier said: "Dieser Weg wird kein leichter erfolgreicher sein!"

We love Deutschrap (标签 – 歌曲) , but the corny German football propaganada machine ... not!