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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

German Female MC

PYRANJA.NET - Offizielle Homepage von Pyranja
Official Homepage of Pyranja with current dates, news und downloads!


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Pyranja (legal name Anja Käckenmeister; born 1978, Rostock) is a female German rapper.

Pyranja started rapping at the age of 16. Early supporters and precursors were the rap crews DSC and the Underdog Cru. After a yearlong stay in Boston she went back to Germany, more precisely to Berlin. Only in the capital of Germany a development of her skills and music was possible. She socialized in the scene very quickly and many contributions for other artists followed (see discography).

The label Def Jam Germany showed great interest in the upcoming rap artist and so she released her first single, called Im Kreis EP, in 2001. She even conquered the German charts without any promotion. When the production of her record Wurzeln & Flügel was already finished and the date of release was set, Def Jam broke up because of the difficult market situation.

Later Wurzeln & Flügel was released by another label called Dackel Enterprise. The sales figures of this record also surpassed all expectations and steadied her good reputation as "best female German rapper".

In 2004 Pyranja and her colleagues Joe Rilla, Dra-Q, Jamie White and Sera Finale founded the rap crew Ostblokk. Since they had known each other for a long time and had already used the same studios, this collaboration was a logical conclusion. The CD Einmal um Blokk was released and became very successful.

In 2004 Pyranja also released her CD Frauen & Technik by her own independent label Pyranja Records. This record turned out to be the most multifaced in her career. It does not only convince by her familiar calm and profound songs but also reflects the rough side of Pyranja. Using the pseudonym Christiane Latte for her tracks Ab 18 and Blondes Gift she performed as sassy as many of her male colleagues. The ironic dig at the male-dominated rap-branche was made with intent.

In 2006, the new single Nie wieder and the album Laut & Leise have been released. Furthermore she performed for her home state, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, at this year's Bundesvision Song Contest (hosted by Stefan Raab) and made eighth place. An extensive Germany tour with new and old songs will follow.


  • 2006 „Laut und Leise“ LP (Loud & Ouiet) -Pyranja Records-
  • 2006 „Nie Wieder“ Single (Never Again) -Pyranja Records-
  • 2005 „Back in the Tapez“ Track with Dra-Q and Jamie White
  • 2005 „Pyranja vs. Laudert & Fröhlich“ -Pyranja Records-
  • 2005 „Samba EP“ -OSTBLOKK Plattenbau-
  • 2005 „Ein neuer Morgen EP“ Feature with Kimoe
  • 2004 „Frauen und Technik“ LP (Women & Technology) -Pyranja Records-
  • 2004 „Zeilen für dich“ (Lines For You) -Pyranja Records-
  • 2004 „Einmal um Blokk“ LP -OSTBLOKK Plattenbau-
  • 2004 „Status Yo O.S.T.“ Diverse Tracks
  • 2003 Sampler contibution für Untergrund Experiment, Starting Line-Up XXL Dope Beats, Ghetto Fabulous
  • 2003 „Wurzeln und Flügel“ LP (Roots & Wings) -Dackel Enterprise- (dachshund enterprise)
  • 2003 „Egal was ihr sagt“ EP (No Matter What You Say) -Dackel Enterprise-
  • 2002 „Battle of the Words“ Track for Roey Marquis
  • 2002 “Steinzeit Revival” Track with Moqui Marbles
  • 2002 „Spiegelschrift LP“ Track with Fiva MC
  • 2002 „Herzessenz LP“ Track for Roey Marquis
  • 2002 „Reine Nervensache“ Streetpromo
  • 2001 Sampler contribution for Rappublik Sampler, Berlin macht Schule, Juice Master Blaster, Ladies First, Splash Allstar Event Album, Def Jam Unstoppable
  • 2001 „Lableparty EP“ -Def JamGermany- with Sera Finale
  • 2001 “Bla bla bla EP” Def Jam Germany/ with Sera Finale
  • 2001 “Bauchschmerzen EP” -Def Jam Germany- with Sera Finale
  • 2001 „Momentaufnahmen Sampler“ Roey Marquis („Nachtflug RMX“)
  • 2001 „Beats aus der Bude Allstars“ Track with Fiva Mc („Special Broadcast“)
  • 2001 “Im Kreis” EP (Inside The Circle) -Def Jam Germany-
  • 2000 “Harte Jungs O.S.T.” Samplercontribution
  • 2000 „BerlinXklusiv“ Tapealbum from DJ Derezon
  • 2000 „Zwei dumme, ein Gedanke LP“ Track with Déjà Vue
  • 2000 „Swingerclub EP“ -Phlatline Records-
  • 1999 „…tritt 2000 Ärsche Tape“ Track with Joe Rilla
  • 1999 „Sally Sounds Compilation“ Sampler contribution
  • 1999 „Beastside Compilation“ Sampler contribution
  • 1998 “Großmogul Nordost EP” Feature
  • 1998 “Maximum LP” Track with the Underdog Cru
  • 1998 „Demotape“ collaboration with Daniel Santiago

Features with: Damion; Sera Finale; Joe Rilla; Fumanschu; Bukue One; Jamie White; Dra-Q; Olli Banjo; Schivv; Falgas aka Hamityvill; Kimoe; Curse; Italo Reno; Fiva MC; Tatwaffe