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Friday, October 13, 2006

"Deutschrap" Rapidshare google'd Sido - Ich und Meine Maske (2008)

Sido is not just a controversial Sido for the sake of being controversial. And this is not a real article about Sido, but just a friendly not for the hard-working people of Aggro Berlin.

You did a good job. However, you missed a few Russian rippers.

"Sido - Ich und Meine Maske" (2008) reached 1st place in the LP hitparade. The following singles:

"Augen auf/Halt dein maul"

were relative blockbosters.

Stop Open Information Sharing and Sido could reach the very top of the German hip-hop charts...

Sido - Ich und Meine Maske (2008)

Google gives you the following links: